Faculty of Science, CUHK - Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies


Division Programmes Offered

MPhil-PhD in Chemistry

MSc in Accreditation Chemistry

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences MPhil-PhD in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Life Sciences

MPhil-PhD in Biochemistry
MPhil-PhD in Biology
MPhil-PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology
MPhil-PhD in Environmental Science
MPhil-PhD in Food and Nutritional Sciences
MPhil-PhD in Molecular Biotechnology

MSc in Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences
MSc in Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

Materials Science and Engineering

MPhil-PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

Mathematics MPhil-PhD in Mathematics

MPhil-PhD in Physics

MSc in Physics

Risk Management Science

MPhil in Risk Management Science

MSc in Risk Management Science


MPhil-PhD in Statistics

MSc in Data Science and Business Statistics

MPhil-PhD / MPhil - Research Postgraduate Programme

MSc - Taught Master Programme