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CUSA1085 The Space Explorer’s Survival Guide to the Universe 太空探索者的宇宙生存指南


The universe is a dangerous place for us space explorers. To give you a fighting chance to survive the journey, we will discuss some basic mechanics, the law of gravity, astronomy, and other necessary physics. More importantly, since the laws of the universe are written in the language of mathematics, we need to go through some basic calculus (don’t be afraid, my friend) and elementary differential equations (now you can panic a little bit). We will also introduce you with the concept of scientific modelling, and learn to use computer to numerically solve problems (we will not use HAL 9000, for those of you who are worried). By the end of our course, you will be well equipped to apply the new tools to tackle a wide range of problems.

Some of you probably have never learned calculus before. While it could be intimidating at first, you can still do it if you put in effort. Some hands-on examples in our course should get you up to speed.

Now buckle up, and we will get started!

對我們這些太空探索者來說,宇宙是一個很危險的地方。為求讓你有能力完成旅程,我們會討論一些基本的力學、重力定律、天文學和其他必要的物理原理。更重要的是,宇宙的定律是用數學語言寫成的,因此我們需要進行學習一些基本的微積分(請不要太擔心......)和簡單的微分方程(你現可以有些少許恐慌了)。我們亦將會介紹科學建模的概念,並學習使用電腦來解決問題(放心,我們不會使用HAL 9000)。在課程結束時,你將會有能力應用這些新的工具來處理各種問題。




Organising units:
  • Department of Physics, CUHK
  • Centre for Promoting Science Education, CUHK
Category:   Category II – Academy Credit-Bearing
Learning outcomes:   Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  1. Apply dimensional analysis
  2. State Newton's laws and law of gravitation
  3. Solve simple mechanical problems analytically
  4. Verify the general solution of simple oscillation motion
  5. Solve simple calculus problem with polynomials and sinusoidal functions by direct integration
  6. Calculate derivatives numerically by approximate them as ratio
  7. Understand how certain simple examples can be modelled by using ordinary differential equations
  8. Solve simple ordinary differential equations by using Simple Euler method withcomputer
Learning Activities:
  1. Lectures
  2. Exercise and Assignment
Medium of Instruction:   Cantonese supplemented with English
  1. Essay test or exam
  2. Homework
Recognition:   No. of Academy unit(s): 1.5
* Certificate or letter of completion will be awarded to students who attain at least 75% attendance and pass the assessment (if applicable)
Expected applicants:   Students who are promoting to or studying S4-S6.
Organising period:   Summer 2021
Application method: