STEM1020 Artificial Intelligence and Us (STEM) 人工智能
Tuesday, July 02, 2019
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Key facts for Summer 2019:
Date: July 2019
Tuition fee: HKD $3,500 (Students who have attended all sessions will be granted a HKD1,000 scholarship)

Download course outline for Summer 2019

* This date is reserved for make up class in case there is any cancellation of classes due to bad weather or other unexpected factors.


The course focus on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshapes our lives, society and industries, meanwhile, the grand challenges of global citizens of the 21st century will also be discussed.
Workshops and projects will be offered to students to experience various AI technologies and to provide opportunities for them to experiment and innovate based through a design thinking process to realize their creative ideas!


Organising units:
  • Faculty of Engineering, CUHK
  • Faculty of Science, CUHK
  • Centre for Promoting Science Education, CUHK
Category:   Category I – University Credit-Bearing
Learning outcomes:   Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
Learning Activities:
  1. Lectures
  2. Exercise and Assignment (Assessment)
  3. Lab
  4. Case Discussion (Tutorial)
  5. Guest talk
Medium of Instruction:   Cantonese supplemented with English
  1. Short test or Exam
  2. Project Demo
Recognition:   No. of Academy unit(s):  3 university credits*
*Students who complete the course and meet its requirement can apply for credit exemption when they study at CUHK
Expected applicants:   Students who are promoting to or studying S6.
Organising period:    
Application method:   SAYT Online application