Summer Courses 2011

Category I – University-Level Credit-bearing Courses   
SAYT1023 Glimpses of the Oceans — Credit-bearing Course on Marine Sciences Studies
海洋科學探索大學學分課程 ── 海洋物語
SAYT1114 Number Theory and Cryptography (EPYMT)
數學英才精進計劃 ── 數論與密碼學
SAYT1134 Towards Differential Geometry (EPYMT)
數學英才精進計劃 ── 微分幾何初探
SAYT1214 Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry (EPYMT)
數學英才精進計劃 ── 非歐幾何賞析
SAYT2003 From Bio-Insights to Technology — Credit-bearing Course on Bionics
仿生學大學學分課程 ── 道法自然


Category II – Academy-Level Credit-bearing Courses
CUSA1003 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: An Introduction
CUSA1014 Geometric Perspectives of Complex Numbers (EPYMT)
數學英才精進計劃 ── 複數的幾何面貌
CUSA1015 Topics in NSS Physics Elective: Astronomy & Space Science
CUSA1021 Analysis in Modern Chemistry