Symposium of “Scientific Training and Mentoring for STEM Talents”

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The training programme was concluded, 14 students who achieved exceptional performance were eligible to join Tier III training and conduct research under the guidance of our academics. A symposium was arranged on 11 Dec 2021 for students to showcase their research result. Project leaders, parents as well as their secondary school teachers were invited to join and share their achievement.

The Academy would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the Gifted Education Fund and the Gifted Education Sector of the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Bureau, the devotion of our teachers as well as the commitment of students have contributed to the success of the programme.

2021.12 Symposium 58       2021.12 Symposium 139
2021.12 Symposium 13       2021.12 Symposium 68
2021.12 Symposium 102        2021.12 Symposium 148
 2021.12 Symposium 151        2021.12 Symposium 170