Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is comprised of both internal and external members in a balanced fashion, who are dedicated to reviewing nominations based on the established selection criteria. Below please find the membership of the 2023 Selection Committee:

Prof. Chunshan SONG (Dean of Science, CUHK)


Prof. AU Wing Ngor Shannon (Assistant Dean of Science (Student Affairs), CUHK)


Dr. Peter L. LEE (Chairman, Joseph Needham Foundation for Science & Civilisation)

Prof. KO Wing Hung (University Dean of Students; Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, CUHK)

Mr. YEUNG Yu Ming Kelvin (Chairperson, Convocation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Prof. KO Kam Ming Robert (Representative of the Biochemistry Alumni Association, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Associate Head and Professor, Division of Life Science, School of Science, HKUST)

Prof. CHAN Tak Wah Dominic (Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, CUHK)

Prof. CHING Shuk Chi Emily (Professor, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science CUHK)

Prof. CHUNG Tsz Shun Eric (Professor, Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, CUHK)


Ms. Jorine LAM (Faculty Secretary, Faculty of Science, CUHK)

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