Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - 2022/23


Science Career Activities in 2022/23 

CUHK x Riskory: ESG Career Workshop – Preparing for an ESG Career

2022 10 10 ESG

Date: 10 October 2022 (Monday)
*Learning materials will be provided to successful registrants about one week before the workshop.
Time: 15:00 – 17:00 (including Q&A and Networking Sessions)
Venue: SC G25
*The mode of workshop may change to ZOOM depending on the pandemic situation
Objective: Introducing the rising ESG industry to Science students at CUHK, sharing with them the current and future opportunities in the industry, and guiding them to prepare for an ESG career path.
Target audience: All undergraduates and postgraduates Science students
Available seats: 25 – 30
(First-come-first-served; Preference will be given to Year 3 & 4 Earth System Science/ Environmental Science undergraduate students)
Registration: Please register HERE by 26 September 2022 (Monday).
Introduction: ESG refers to Environmental, Social and Governance, which are recognized as the main components of sustainable development. It has gained increasing attention globally in the past decade, partly due to the rising impact of climate change. Companies have been allocating more resources and capital for improving their ESG performances. Therefore, more opportunities are now available for Science graduates in the ESG-related business sector. This workshop aims to give students an overview of the ESG industry and how they can prepare for an ESG career.
  • What is ESG?
  • Trends in Hong Kong, China and the globe
  • The role of Science students in the ESG industry
  • Different streams of career (consulting, in-house, carbon auditor, energy assessor etc.)
  • What companies would hire ESG talents and what do they want from you
  • Related qualifications and how to prepare for a career in ESG
Organizer: Riskory Consultancy Limited is a leading professional ESG and risk consultancy company established in Hong Kong. We have extensive knowledge with qualifications including but not limited to HKICPA, HKICS, CGI and CISA. We have years of experience in providing business consulting advisory for more than 300 listed companies that involved industries including healthcare and geriatric care, property development, investment and management, energy, construction, retail, manufacturing, IT and entertainment etc.