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CUSA1009 Unravelling the Mysteries of Nanotechnology 揭開神秘的納米科技

Key facts for Summer 2017:
Date: 1 – 3, 4* August 2017
1 August 2017: 9:00am – 12:30pm; 2:00pm – 5:10pm
2 August 2017: 9:20am – 12:30pm; 2:00pm – 5:10pm
3, 4* August 2017: 9:20am – 12:30pm; 2:00pm – 5:30pm
Tuition fee: HKD2,900.00

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* This date is reserved for make up class in case there is any cancellation of classes due to bad weather or other unexpected factors.

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology with a significant impact on daily life. Students could acquire the knowledge on the concept of Nanotechnology, basic theories of Nanotechnology and Application of Nanotechnology in Biology, Chemistry, Medical Science and Physics through lectures and experiments. This course is particularly suitable for students who are interested in nanotechnology research.



Organising units:
  • Faculty of Science, CUHK
  • National Taiwan University, Taiwan
  • Ubiquity vision Co.,Ltd, Taiwan
Category:   Category II – Academy Credit-Bearing
Learning outcomes:   Upon completion of this course, students are expected to be able to gain the knowledge of:
  1. Nanotechnology concepts
  2. Nanotechnology basic theories
  3. Nanotechnology experimental skills
  4. The applications of Nanotechnology
Learning Activities:
  1. Lecture
  2. Lab
  3. Other Demos
Medium of Instruction:   Mandarin supplemented with English
  1. Essay test or exam
  2. Selected response test or exam
  3. Lab reports
Recognition:   No. of Academy unit(s):  1.5
* A certificate or letter of completion will be awarded to student upon completion.
Expected applicants:   Students who are promoting to S2-S4.
Organising period:   Summer 2013; Summer 2014; Summer 2015; Summer 2016; Summer 2017
Application Method:   SAYT Online application