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STEM1000 Communicating with Light: An Introduction to Optical Communication Technology 光通訊技術初探

Key facts for Summer 2018:
Date: 20 – 22, 25 – 26, 27*, 28 – 29 June, 3 – 5, 6* July 2018
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Tuition fee: HKD3,500.00 (Students who have attended all sessions will be granted a HKD1,000 scholarship)


* This date is reserved for make up class in case there is any cancellation of classes due to bad weather or other unexpected factors.

This course introduces the physical principles and technology of transmitting information (such as "voice“) using electromagnetic waves (light). Through lab projects, students will explore (1) how light can be modulated to encode information and (2) how multiple information signals can be transmitted simultaneously through frequency-division multiplexing (i.e., through use of different wavelengths of light). Students will also learn how to measure the quality of transmission by performing signals comparison with the aid of Statistics and Calculus and understand the basic concepts and applications of electromagnetic waves, quantum physics and solid-state electronics.



Organising units:
  • Faculty of Engineering, CUHK
  • Faculty of Science, CUHK
  • Centre for Promoting Science Education, CUHK
Category:   Category I – University Credit-Bearing
Learning outcomes:   Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  1. Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of problems in electromagnetics, optics and modern physics.
  2. Understand the key physical parameters and the fundamental laws in electromagnetism and wave propagation.
  3. Apply a systematic approach to solving engineering problems and engineering design.
  4. Set up a simple opto-electronic system to realize light communication.
  5. Appreciate the importance of modelling and obtaining data by experiment.
  6. Perform signals comparison regarding continuous and discrete signals.
Learning Activities:
  1. Lectures
  2. Exercise and Assignment
  3. Lab
  4. Case Discussion
Medium of Instruction:   Cantonese supplemented with English
  1. Short answer test or exam
  2. Other
Recognition:   No. of University unit(s) awarded: 3#
* Certificate or letter of completion will be awarded to students who attain at least 75% attendance and pass the assessment (if applicable)
# Subject to the University Approval
Expected applicants:   S6 Students should have physics background and study Mathematics Module 1 (Calculus and Statistics) or Mathematics Module 2 (Algebra and Calculus)
Organising period:   Summer 2018
Application method:   SAYT Online application