Science Education Paves Way for Emerging Solutions to Societal and Global Challenges

For more than half a century, The Faculty of Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong has toiled relentlessly to achieve excellence in education and research. The Faculty is pleased to offer a number of exciting new multi-disciplinary programmes for 2022 entry.

First of all, the Faculty will be training young scientific leaders in tackling pressing global issues to do with the environment and climate via the Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme (EESC JS4648). With a view of nurturing talented students with a vision of building a career in biotechnology entrepreneurship, business analysis, and/or healthcare management to capture emerging opportunities in these areas, the Faculties of Science, Medicine, and Business Administration have joined hands to offer the Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare Management Programme (BEHM JS4725). The Faculties of Science and Engineering will also endeavour to train students in the Computational Data Science Programme (CDAS JS4416) in the building of intelligent systems to understand, interpret, manage, and drive key knowledge, so that robust data-driven decision-making is possible, with widespread applications in academia, industry, and greater society. Meanwhile, Learning Design and Technology Programme (LDTE JS4386) is an innovative take on the cross-section of education, science, and technology undertaken by the Faculties of Science, Education, and Engineering for birthing next-generation learning technology specialists to become trailblazers for enhanced learning environments and outcomes.

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CUHK Celebrates Prof. YANG Chen Ning’s 100th Birthday

In celebration of Professor YANG Chen Ning’s 100th birthday, CUHK has hosted a series of academic events to introduce his remarkable academic achievements and contributions to the public.

The Department of Physics hosted a public lecture on 25 September 2021, delivered by Professor Kenneth YOUNG, to introduce the significant contributions that Professor Yang has made to physics to over 170 participants. Visit to the “CN Yang at 100 Special Exhibition” at the CUHK Library was organized after the public lecture. The department has re-made Professor Yang's public lecture in Hong Kong City Hall in 1964, using the original voice file. The lecture can be viewed HERE. A Winter School on “Neutrinos — Astrophysics, Cosmology, and Particle Physics” organized by CUHK and Tsinghua University will be held in January 2023 to bring together top scholars in neutrino research to give a comprehensive review on the latest developments in the field.

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CUHK Science Embarks on Ambitious Future in Innovation & Technology in
Greater Bay Area

In a major celebration of its 15-year presence in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, at a special forum held on 28 October 2021, CUHK unveiled seven new strategic partnerships that are set to strengthen Hong Kong’s presence in the region’s emerging innovation and technology ecosystem.

A hybrid event with physical locations in Hong Kong as well as CUHK’s Shenzhen Research Institute, the Forum was attended by senior government leaders on both sides of the border, as well as representatives from industry and academia with an interest in developments in the GBA, including the Dean, Professor SONG Chunshan.

The Forum saw the execution of new agreements with both the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the Hong Kong Cyberport which will see CUHK sharing its GBA expertise to help both innovation precincts land startups and incubate technology across the border. Additional agreements were signed with the Greater Bay Area University in climate change and green energy.

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The 90th Congregation for the Conferment of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees

The 90th Congregation for the Conferment of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees was held on 5 November 2021. 381 postgraduates were conferred by the Presiding Officer Professor Nick RAWLINS, including 110 Doctor of Philosophy degrees, 50 Master of Philosophy degrees, and 221 Master of Science degrees. Professor Jimmy YU, the Guest of Honour encouraged graduates to think like a chemist and be confident in themselves in all their future endeavours.

Professor SONG Chunshan congratulated all graduates for their accomplishments in reaching an important milestone for education and training in life, he added, “At Science Faculty, we believe in ‘Learn Science to Make the World Better’. May you find joy and meaning in what you do, so that you will remain dedicated and produce fruitful results. Armed with the new knowledge and experience, critical thinking, and positive attitudes after your studies at CUHK Science, we hope that you will continue on to the next phase of your journey to contribute to a better future for society.”

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Prof. Amos TAI’s Letter to Hong Kong – “Countering Climate Change by Changing Personal Lifestyle & Habits”

One of the most pressing challenges in the world is climate change. As Professor Amos TAI of the Earth System Science Programme tells in a Letter to Hong Kong, it’s not only a threat to the furry but ferocious polar bears living in the arctic, but a threat to all living creatures!

Even with the Glasgow Climate Pact was just ratified at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), we can all do our part to curb global warming.

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Council Appointment

Professor XIE Zuowei, Choh-Ming Li Professor Chemistry, has been elected a member of The Council.

Honours & Awards

CUHK Research Excellence Award 2020-21

Professor WU Yilin (left) from the Department of Physics and Professor YEUNG Ying Yeung (right) from the Department of Chemistry have been awarded the CUHK Research Excellence Award 2020-21.

CUHK Young Researcher Award 2020

Professor LU Xinhui from the Department of Physics has been awarded the CUHK Young Researcher Award 2020.


In Memory of Prof. Lau Ka-sing

Professor LAU Ka-sing, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Mathematics, passed away on 12 October 2021. He joined CUHK in 1996 as Professor of Mathematics and was the chairman of the Department from 1996 to 2012. He served as the associate director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences from 1996 to 1998 and from 2002 to 2004 he was the president of the Hong Kong Mathematical Society. He retired from CUHK in 2017.

Professor Lau was a renowned mathematician. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from CUHK in 1968 and his PhD from the University of Washington at Seattle in 1972. He then taught in the University of Chicago from 1972 to 1974 and was a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh from 1974 before returning to CUHK. He published more than 150 research papers and trained 24 PhD students and 12 postdoctoral researchers.

Professor Lau will always be remembered for his great service and contributions to the Department, to CUHK, and to the world of mathematics. A memorial website has been set up in his honour.

(This article first appeared in No. 586, CUHK Newsletter)

Physics Student Won the 3rd Prize in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

CHEUNG So Yee (Physics) and her teammates won the Third Prize in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Innovation Category – Mathematics and Physics/ Mechanics and Control Systems) in May 2021.

So Yee teamed up with engineering and medical students to work on the project titled “Versatile Soft Robotic Upper Limb Assistive Device for the Physically Challenged”. Congratulations!

Cell and Molecular Biology Student Represents Hong Kong to join the Virtual International Science Summer Institute 2021

WONG Chi Ngai Genper (Cell and Molecular Biology) represented Hong Kong to join the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) in 2021.

“It was an eye-opening experience to learn in the prestigious Professor Dan TAWFIK’s lab. Taking part in the paper “Understanding Enzyme Adaptation to Use of Oxygen: How to Turn an Enzyme into an Oxidase” has introduced me to computational proteomics and evolutionary analysis, complementing my research in metabolomics and neuroscience. This has equipped me with essential skills for future research when Big Data is becoming the trend in science.” said Genper.

Apart from virtual mentoring, Genper also had the chance to join different cultural activities, as well as interact and network with participants from other regions.

Chemistry Alumnus Elected Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Professor ZHOU Xiang, a Chemistry alumnus who is currently Professor in Wuhan University, has been elected as a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in recognition of his remarkable contributions in the field of chemical biology.

CUHK Young Scholars Thesis Award 2020

Dr. QIN Minchao (Materials Science and Engineering) has been selected for the CUHK Young Scholars Thesis Award 2020 for his thesis “Halide Perovskite Formation Mechanism from Precursor to Crystals – A Synchrotron-based Study”. Dr. QIN is currently the Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Physics, CUHK.

Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020

Dr. AU Yik Ki (Chemistry) has been selected for the Postgraduate Research Output Award 2020. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

An interview with Physics Alumnus:
Mr. SHIU Man Lai, Professor of University of Wisconsin-Madison

More at CU Alumni Magazine No. 107

CUHK Innovation Day 2021

The first CUHK Innovation Day was held on 23 September 2021 to demonstrate the pathway from state-of-the-art research and innovation at CUHK to commercialization.

Professor SONG Chunshan was invited to deliver a talk titled “Green Energy and Advanced Material Research” in the Thematic Session to give an overview of the Faculty and introduce some of its impactful research. Professor NGAI To from the Department of Chemistry and Professor WANG Jianfang from the Department of Physics demonstrated their research advances and the applications to Mr. Alfred SIT, JP, the Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau and Professor Rocky TUAN, Vice-Chancellor and President, CUHK in the exhibition.

For further details of their research advances, please visit HERE

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2021 Science Faculty Mini Impact Symposium – From Social Project to Start-up

The Faculty was pleased to invite Ms. Beatrice HO, Co-Founder of Mushroom-X to share at the 2021 Science Faculty Mini Impact Symposium for her experience working on a social project that spun off and grew into a start-up company. She highlighted the significance of the ability of translating scientific advances into usages and applications pertinent to industry, businesses, or greater society. Another advice to start-ups was that having good sources of income was crucial to sustain a social enterprise for helping greater society.

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Popular Science Special Lecture Series: How Nobel Prizes Are Won

The Nobel Prizes are the most prestigious scientific awards in the world and the list of winners has just released in October 2021. To introduce the science behind the award-winning scientific research to the general public, the Faculty organized the Special Lecture Series on “How Nobel Prizes Are Won” on 3 December.

Professor Wilson LAU from the School of Life Sciences gave the first talk on the topic of “Perceiving the World through Molecular Sensors”. Professor Gavin TSUI from the Department of Chemistry gave an overview and historical background of the development of asymmetric organocatalysis and shared his experience working with Professor Benjamin List, one of the Nobel laureates during his postdoctoral training. Professor Francis TAM from the Earth System Science Programme introduced the pioneering work of Dr. Syukuro Manabe, one of the three Laureates, on the development of physical models of climate. Around 150 participants joined the event and we hope the lectures might ignite your passion for science and develop a better appreciation for scientific work.

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