Prof. LAU Oi Wah

Biography of Professor Lau Oi Wah


The late Professor Lau Oi Wah devoted herself to promoting science education in both university and high school, and left a legacy of 35 years of service to The Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a Professor in the Department of Chemistry who also served as Dean of the Science Faculty from 1994 to 2003, Professor Lau Oi Wah recognized the importance of nurturing young minds of next generation and the necessity to bringing scientific knowledge and advancement to the public.

Professor Lau joined the Department of Chemistry of Chung Chi College in 1968, and retired from the Faculty of Science of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2003. Active in affairs at both the college and university levels, Professor Lau served as Member of the University Council (1983 – 1986, 1994 – 2003), Member of College Assembly of Fellows (1980 – 2003), Member of College Board of Trustees (1986 – 1995), Chairperson of College Scholarships, Awards and Financial-Aid Committee (1977 – 1985), and Chairperson of College Physical Education Committee (1987 – 2003). During the nine years as the Dean of Science, Professor Lau led the Faculty of Science in building bridges between scientific frontiers and the masses, showing how science is an inherent as well as an integral part of everyday life. Even after her retirement, Professor Lau continued to assist Chung Chi College in promoting campus health education.

After the passing of Professor Lau in 2004 at the age of 63, her former colleagues at the Faculty of Science wished to continue Professor Lau’s legacy in promoting science education to the young people of Hong Kong. First held in 2005, the annual Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series – jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Science and the Lau Oi Wah Memorial Fund – has been one of the ways the members of the Faculty of Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong carry on Professor Lau’s dedication to igniting a passion for science among high school students.

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