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Application Extended to 9 June 2017

Due to the overwhelming response, after reviewing the courses, limited space can be provided in the below courses and the application deadline is now extended to 9 June 2017:

1. SAYT1005 Introduction to University Physics
2. SAYT1006 Introductory Risk Management
3. CUSA1031 The Chemistry and Chemical Analysis of Biomolecules
4. CUSA2013 Great Discoveries in Biomedical Sciences (Senior Class)
5. CUSA2023 Introduction to Bionics
6. CUSA1035 Mysteries in the Atomic World
7. CUSA1045 Discovering the Universe
8. CUSA1007 Physics and Chemistry of the Climate System
9. CUSA1009 Unravelling the Mysteries of Nanotechnology

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