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Summer Course 2018 (Apply NOW!)

The application period of Summer Course 2018 is from 3 April 2018 – 18 May 2018, we would like to invite you to join the courses and have a fruitful summer with us. You may also pass the information to those who are interested in taking any of the science courses in the coming summer. For further information please visit our website (

少年英才科學院夏季課程2018 (現已接受報名)!

想唔想過一個豐盛既暑假呢? 而家機會黎啦,少年英才科學院夏季課程2018現已接受報名,我地誠意邀請您同我地一齊發掘科學潛能、探索宇宙的奧秘。歡迎傳閱此訊息,讓更多同學知道有關本學院的夏季課程如想知道更多課程資料,歡迎瀏覽我們的網頁 (。
提提您,課程的報名日期為 4月3日至5月18日,切勿錯過呀!