Category I

Category I - University Credit-bearing Courses

Courses in Category I are entitled to university credit exemptions. Upon completion of the courses and fulfilling the requirements as specified by the courses, students are eligible to apply for credit exemption when they study at CUHK.

List of Category I Courses:


Science Academy for Young Talents (SAYT)
SAYT1005 Introduction to University Physics
SAYT1006 Introductory Risk Management
 SAYT2003  From Bio-Insights to Technology – Credit-bearing Course on Bionics


Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (EPYMT)
SAYT1114 Number Theory and Cryptography
SAYT1134 Towards Differential Geometry
SAYT1214 Understanding Non-Euclidean Geometry


SAYT1023 Glimpses of the Oceans – Credit-bearing Course on Marine Sciences Studies
SAYT1054 Mathematical Analysis: An Overture I
SAYT1064 Mathematical Analysis: An Overture II
SAYT2000 Scientific Insights Forum
SAYT2003 From Bio-Insights to Technology – Credit-bearing Course on Bionics
SAYT2013 Glimpses of Modern Biotechnology – Credit-bearing Course on Biotechnology
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*Subject to the final approval of the department