Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be any admission interview? What is the format and language of the interviews?
Yes, interviews will generally be conducted after the application date. The interview will be an individual interview in English.

2. Will I be considered for admission if I was not invited to admission interview? What are the assessment criteria?
Interview is not a standard requirement for admission to the Programme. It is a chance for the University and student to understand each other better. Show us that you are interested and passionate about science, keen and motivated to learn. Assessment criteria include, but not limited to applicants’ academic results and interview performance.

3. Are interview opportunities only granted to applicants who select BSc in Natural Sciences as their first preference?
Applicants select BSc in Natural Sciences as their first-preference usually will have a greater chance to be invited for an interview. However, academic result is also an important factor. Therefore, non-1st choice applicants may also be invited to attend an interview.

4. How much is the interview performance weighted?
Applicants’ interview performance is very important for the applicant selection process. Although no definite weighting is assigned to applicants’ interview performance, it is considered together with applicants’ sub-degree level academic results when the programme ranks applicants on the merit order list.

5. Can I change my potential concentration area after completing the application form?
Please send your request to as soon as possible.

6. Can I change my concentration area after being admitted to BSc in Natural Sciences programme?
Some exceptions with strong justification may be considered.

7. Is BSc in Natural Sciences a UGC funded programme?
Yes. BSc in Natural Sciences programme is a UGC funded programme.

8. Is BSc in Natural Sciences a Bachelor's degree with Honours?
Yes. A student who satisfies the conditions for graduation shall be awarded a Bachelor’s degree with one of the following classifications:
(a) First Class Honours
(b) Second Class Honours Upper Division
(c) Second Class Honours Lower Division
(d) Third Class Honours
(e) Pass

9. What level of the Qualifications Framework does the BSc in Natural Sciences belong to?
Same as other bachelor degree programmes, the BSc in Natural Sciences programme belongs to level 5 of the Qualifications Framework. The Qualifications Register (QR) Registration Number of the programme is 14/003420/L5.

10. Can I apply for financial aids?
Once you are admitted, you can apply for financial aids. Students should contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Section of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.

11. What is the graduation requirement?
This 2-year full-time programme requires students to complete a minimum of 69 units of courses in order to fulfill graduation requirement. Among them, at least 51 units are from major courses and remaining units are from other courses, including English, General Education, PE and Electives.