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External Awards – Student

Challenge Cup

Year Award, Name of Project and Awardee
2018 Second-Class (Category: Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release]

Self-sanitizing Door Handle

WONG Sum Ming (Science Programme)

2018 Second-Class (Category: Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release]

Mushroom for the NeXt

LAI Sok Ian       (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
NG Heung Yu   (Biology)
TAM Ka Wing   (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
TANG Hoi Yan  (Food & Nutritional Sciences)

2018 Merit Award  (Category: Innovation)  [Press Release]

The detection of content of DEHP in food by the combination of NADP/NADPH Assay Kit and Enzymes

LIM Lok Ping (Cell & Molecular Biology)

2016 Second-Class (Category: Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release]


WANG Chak Wai William (Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science)

2016 Third-Class (Category: Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release]

Wearable Robotic Device for patients of Parkinson’s Disease

HUEN Yin Fan Denis (Physics)

2016 Third-Class(Category: Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release]

GETSBY-Finds your Talent, Gets your Hobby (Mobile Application)

CHAN Ho Ting Philip (Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science)

2015 Winner’s Cup (National) Grand Award and First Place Award (Hong Kong Region)  [Press Release]

Solution for One Step Sewage Treatment

LEUNG King Pong (Biochemistry)
LOO Fong Chuen (Biochemistry)
SEAK Chi U (Biochemistry)

2015 Third Place Award (Hong Kong Region)  [Press Release]

Smartphone 3D Scanner

HAU Chun Yin (Mathematics)
TANG Yik Kan Samuel (Mathematics and Information Engineering)
TSANG Ling Hei (Mathematics)
YUNG Chun Pang (Mathematics)

2013 First Award (Hong Kong and Macau Region)  [Press Release]

Converting infrared light into broadband visible light at high efficiency using lanthanide-sensitized oxides

WANG Jun Xin (Physics)

2009 Second Place Award (National)  [Press Release]


LEUNG Chiu Yi (Molecular Biotechnology)
YU Wai Han (Biology)

(Jointly organized by the Communist Youth League of China, Ministry of Education, and All-China Students Federation)

FameLab Hong Kong

Organized by the British Council

Year Award and Awardee
2017 1st Runner-up  [Website]
CHAN Yin Ha Martin (Food and Nutritional Sciences)

Video Favourite Award  [Website]
LEE Carol (Molecular Biotechnology)

2015 2nd Runner-up  [Press Release]
LAW Yuk Ting (Physics)
2014 2nd Runner-up
LUK Sui Man (Physics)

Video Favourite Award
WONG Siu Shing (Biochemistry)

2009 Grand Prize and Audience Choice Award  [Press Release]
CHEUNG Ka Lun Anthony (Biochemistry)

Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad

Year Award and Awardee


Second Runner-up  [Details]

Presenting Team:
CHEONG Hau Lam Jody
WONG Chak Kui
YENG Sze Ching

Supporting Team:
CHAN Kam Tung
LEUNG Ming Yau Vincent
TSUI Shu Wai
YAU Tsz Ying 

(All from Chemistry)



Championship  [Details]

Presenting Team:
AO Chi Kit
HO Ka Ka
PUN Chun Sang

Supporting Team:
DAI Man Ting Toby
FONG Ching Wai
FUNG Wai Kin
HO Man Wai
LAU Yuk Yiu
WONG Alex Lok Sang
WONG Chun Kit
WONG Yat Hin  

(All from Chemistry)



Second Runner-up  [Details]

Team Leader:
PANG Tak Hing

Presenting Team:
CHAN Chung Yi
LOH Leyi 

Supporting Team:
CHAN Kin San
CHU Chun Ho
LAU Chun Yin
WONG Yiu Tak
YUEN King Tuen  

(All from Chemistry)



Champion  [Details]

Team Leader:
PAK Chi Yuen

Presenting Team:
NG Yik Kwong (Captin)
CHAN Wai Ming
TSE Ho Wing

Supporting Team:
Powerpoint Production
AU Yik Ki
CHEUNG Yin Ying Yvette
LAW Ching Man

Literature Search
CHAN Ngai Chung
CHUNG Kiu Fung Ronald Kevin
PANG Yat Sing
WONG Kai Wui Rex

(All from Chemistry)



Top Prize  [Details]

CHAN Hoi Wai Nicolas
ZHANG Mengwen

Supporting Team Members:
CHOW Ka Wai Gary
IP Ho Wang
LAM Kam Wing
LI Ho Chuen
NG Kui Sang

(All from Chemistry)

International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition

Organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in US

Year Award
2019 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2018 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2017 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2015 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2014 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2013 Silver Medal
Best New BioBrick Part or Device (Engineered) Award




[Press release]

2012 Gold Medal  [Press release]
2011 Gold Medal
Best BioBrick Measurement Approach Award
Best New BioBrick Part (Natural) Award




[Press release]

2010 Gold Medal  [Press release]

Young Scientist Awards

Year Award and Awardee
2018 Winner
LO Hau Yung (Department of Physics)
2016 Winner
HUANG Shidi (Department of Physics)

Honorable Mention
LO Hau Yung (Department of Mathematics)

2006 Winner
SUN Chao (Department of Physics)

Other Prestigious Awards

Year Award and Awarde
2021 First Place in “Best Return”, “Best Sharpe” and “Best Strategy Design” – Joint-University Algo FX Trading Challenge 2021 Global [Press Release] [Website]

Team Member from CUHK Science:
CHENG Kak Chi Vincent
(Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science)

2019 Chemistry Letters Young Award at the 18th International Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds

PUN Sai Ho (Chemistry)

2018 Bronze Medal – The 43rd Annual World Finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) [Press Release]

Team Member from CUHK Science:
HO Ngan Hang (Mathematics)

2018 Gold Award – China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition “Chuang Qing Chun” (Category: Social Entrepreneurship)  [Press Release] [Website]

LAI Sok Ian (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
NG Heung Yu (Biology)
TAM Ka Wing (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
TANG Hoi Yan (Food & Nutritional Sciences)

2018 Gold Medal – The 4th China College Students’ “Internet Plus” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition  [Press Release]

WONG Sum Ming (Science Programme)

2018 National Winner – International Quant Championship [Website]

Team Member from CUHK Sciences: 

HO Ngok Chao (Statistics)
KOU Seng Pan (Mathematics)
LIN Hao (Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science)

2017 Outstanding Student Paper Award from the American Geophysical Union (AGU)  [Website]

FUNG Kwun Yip (Earth & Atmospheric Sciences)

2017 Silver Medal – 2nd International Olympiad of Metropolises

Team Member from CUHK Science:
LEE Shun Ming (Mathematics)

2015 Best Student Research Paper Award at Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)  [Press Release]

PUN Chi Seng (Statistics)

2011 Champion – DBS-SMU Quantitative Finance Challenge  [Press Release]

CHUNG Shing Fung
WANG Weiyin
(All from Risk Management Science)

2011 Meritorious Winner – The Mathematical Contest in Modeling
(Organized by COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications)

Dr. CHEUNG Leung Fu (CUHK)

Team Members from CUHK Science:
SHAO Yiqun (Mathematics)
WANG Xinyang (Mathematics)

2010 Meritorious Winner – The Mathematical Contest in Modeling
(Organized by COMAP, the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications)

MIAO Jinli (Beijing No. 4 High School)

Team Member from CUHK Science:
WANG Xinyang (Mathematics)

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