Programmes Offered

B.Sc. in Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • Atmospheric Science Stream
  • Environmental Science and Technology Stream
  • Geophysics Stream

B.Sc. in Earth System Science (last intake: 2021)

  • Atmospheric Science Stream
  • Geophysics Stream

B.Sc. in Environmental Science (last intake: 2021)

B.Sc. in Mathematics

  • Computational and Applied Mathematics Stream
  • Computational Big Data Analytics Stream
  • Enrichment Mathematics Stream 
  • Mathematics-Education Stream
  • Mathematics-Multidisciplinary Stream

B.Sc. in Physics

  • Astrophysics and Particle Physics Stream
  • Computational and Data Physics Stream
  • Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics 
  • Quantum Science and Technology Stream

B.Sc. in Risk Management Science 

  • Risk Analytics Stream

B.Sc. in Statistics

  • Data Analytics Stream
  • Data Science and Business Statistics Stream
  • Statistical Learning and Data Mining Stream

Double Major Programme

Joint-Faculty Programmes

B.Sc. in Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management

  • Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Stream
  • Healthcare and Biomedicine Analytics Stream

B.Sc. in Computational Data Science

  • Computational Physics Stream
  • Computational Medicine Stream
  • Computational Social Science Stream

2-Year Programme for Local Sub-degree Holders

B.Sc. in Natural Sciences
(A 2-Year programme for articulation of local Associate Degree / Higher Diploma Holders)

  • Biological Sciences Concentration
  • Biotechnology Concentration
  • Chemical and Testing Sciences Concentration
  • Data Science Concentration
  • Environmental Studies Concentration
  • Food and Nutrition Concentration
  • Physical Sciences Concentration
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