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Research Highlights

Date Research Highlight
17 Jun 2024

CUHK unveils microclimates in tropical forests for the first time – Providing new insights for ecologists and policymakers dealing with climate change [Details]

Prof. TAI Pui Kuen Amos (Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme)

1 May 2024

CUHK palaeontologist uncovers the diverse diets of birds during the era of dinosaurs [Details]

Prof. PITTMAN Michael David (School of Life Sciences)

24 Apr 2024

CUHK Team develops a big data analysis method to study senescent neuronsProviding new directions for precision medicine in neurodegenerative diseases [Details]

Prof. CHOW Hei Man Kim (School of Life Sciences)

9 Apr 2024

CUHK-led international research reveals for the first time that landslide-dammed lakes can trigger earthquakesDiscovery has implications for future disaster management and mitigation [Details]

Prof. TAN Yen Joe (Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme)

21 Mar 2024

CUHK physicists discover new mechanism for spontaneous large-scale pattern formation in living matter [Details]

Prof. WU Yilin (Department of Physics)

8 Jan 2024

CUHK research unveils novel disease mechanisms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and opens up new treatment paths [Details]

Prof. CHAN Ho Yin Edwin (School of Life Sciences)

16 Nov 2023

CUHK scientists develop naturally biodegradable packaging materials to help local industry comply with disposable plastic utensils regulations [Details]

Prof. NGAI To (Department of Chemistry)

29 Aug 2023

CUHK research discovers cytokines activate growth of blood vessels and helps treat ischemia-induced tissue damage [Details]

Prof. WONG Wing Tak Jack (School of Life Sciences)

11 May 2023

CUHK research project taken to space by Tianzhou-6 First Hong Kong agricultural project to be launched into space [Details]

Prof. LAM Hon Ming (School of Life Sciences)

8 May 2023

CUHK reveals how Helicobacter pylori ‘smuggles’ a toxic metal for its survival [Details]

Prof. WONG Kam Bo (School of Life Sciences)

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