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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

The Science Faculty at The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s motto is Science Empowers Your Dreams. At the Faculty, we firmly believes in the potential in every one of our staff and students. We recognise that our members come from various backgrounds, and we are committed to building a welcoming community founded on the core values of Openness, Civility, and Inclusivity. With due respect for one another regardless of our differences and ensuring that admission and progress for staff and students are only determined by personal merit and performance, we aim to be where you get closer to reaching your dreams.

To establish a network of touchpoints for members of our Faculty and to facilitate a collection of a diverse range of input to build a more welcoming and inclusive community, the Faculty of Science established the Faculty of Science Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee currently consists of the following members:


Prof. YAM Sheung Chi Phillip (Assistant Dean (Education))


Prof. WANG Ying (Department of Chemistry)
Dr. AU-YEUNG Yee Man Andie (Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme)
Ms. Connie LAI (Department of Mathematics)
Ms. Joanne LAU (Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme)
Prof. MCBREEN Michael (Department of Mathematics)
Prof. PITTMAN Michael David (School of Life Sciences)
Prof. WANG Yi (Department of Physics)
Dr. WRIGHT John Alexander (Department of Statistics)

Administrative Support

Ms. Jorine LAM (Secretary)
Ms. Christine LING (Science Faculty Office)

The Committee’s Terms of Reference are as below:

    • To champion the University’s Policy on Diversity and Inclusion (“Policy”) at the Faculty of Science, to review and ensure existing policies and procedures at the Faculty are in line with the Policy, and to advance the Policy’s aims and objectives.
    • To develop strategies to promote the University’s Principles of Community (“Principles”) as set out in the Policy.
    • In the case of any reports of issues or disputes related to the Policy, the Committee shall form an ad-hoc panel to gain an understanding into the case and perform conciliatory actions. If the case remains unresolved, the Committee shall transfer the case onward to the University’s Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee for handling in accordance with the prevailing Policy and guidelines.

For those interested in contacting any of the committee members who are University staff, please feel free to do so by referring to their contact methods listed in CUHK’s Online Contact Directory.


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