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The Science Faculty has over 3,700 students guided by more than 400 teaching and research staff. Our very strong Faculty members include a Nobel laureate, a Fields medallist, and Academicians of the Chinese Academies of Sciences and Engineering. All are committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research.

The Faculty has six major teaching units (School of Life Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Statistics, and Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme) offering a wide range of undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes.

These programmes are designed to provide a liberal arts education by combining rigorous biological and physical sciences, and mathematics courses with fundamental liberal arts subjects. Our graduates are well received by the local and international communities, with many of them continuing to pursue successful graduate studies at local and international universities.


  • To educate and inspire the next generation of scientific innovators and leaders; and
  • To expand the frontier of human knowledge


The Faculty logo reflects the experimental nature of “Science”. It is organic and revolving. It subtly forms a triangular pointer leading forward. The rich colour suggests the solid achievements of the Faculty, while the purple and orange on the edges inherit the colour tone of CUHK. The tone and manner of the brand identity is inspirational, powerful and academic.

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