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Dean’s Message

Science education is the key to technological innovations. Not only does it fuel economic growth in modern society, but it also benefits humanity in our daily lives.

Since 1963, the Faculty of Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong has taken pride in providing the ideal environment for active scientists to learn and undertake research. The Faculty now offers a wide range of undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes. A quarter of the students at the Faculty are working towards postgraduate degrees. We aim to provide a holistic science education whilst boosting learning with a liberal arts approach. We believe that this emphasises our students’ development of independent and critical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity.

More than half a century on, our Faculty is now a world-class, research-oriented Faculty which leads scientific innovations across a wide range of disciplines. Our impressive list of faculty members and distinguished alumni attest to the fine level of research, teaching and learning at our Faculty. They committed themselves to a wide spectrum of research areas, from astronomy and meteorology to medical and scientific advancement, with the aims of expanding the frontier of human knowledge and contributing to the improvement of human life.

The Faculty of Science is not only engaged in a relentless strive for education and research excellence on campus. Instead, we are also pioneers in enhancing teaching and learning development projects, as well as promoting public science education. Looking forward, our Faculty is determined to continue as a leader in scientific education and various pursuits. Higher education and academic research require great effort and can only be achieved by inspired and passionate students and faculty members. Therefore, we strive to provide a fun, stimulating, yet inspiring environment for members to achieve individual goals.

Chunshan SONG
Dean of Science
Wei Lun Professor of Chemistry

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