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Faculty Strategic Research Areas

To achieve the Faculty’s mission for expanding the knowledge and developing impactful research towards Research Excellence and Innovation, CUHK Science strives to develop and nurture the research environment to encouraging collaborative interdisciplinary research. In 2021, the Faculty has identified Strategic Research Areas which are well in line with the CUHK Strategic Plans 2020 and 2025. These areas build on the existing strength and future development of the Faculty to meet the new challenges and funding opportunities of Hong Kong and beyond.

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Risk Analytics
Information pervades all aspects of human life. Whether or not data is the new gold, information is the dominant currency in the era of ‘Industry 4.0’. The key to harnessing the power of information lies in artificial intelligence (AI). Applications of AI and machine learning are already creating a significant impact on multiple fields, in both STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and non-STEM disciplines. Machine learning-based analysis and big data analytics research at CUHK Science have been put to good use in advancing engineering and medicine, from climate modelling to diagnostic sequencing technologies.
Chemical and Synthetic Biology for Emerging Diseases
With an ageing population in many parts of the world and with the global emerging disease threats, research in chemical and synthetic biology is essential to defending, upkeeping and enhancing public health. Innovations in this area will create opportunities for commercialisation and have the potential to become a key engine in the economic development of Hong Kong. CUHK Science will leverage its existing strengths and expand interdisciplinary collaborations to provide novel opportunities to understand, diagnose, prevent and treat emerging diseases and public health hazards.
Clean and Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Food
Environment and sustainability, as an integral research area, was identified as a key focus in the CUHK Strategic Plans 2016–2020 and 2021-2025. Practically all the top universities in the world focus on research and innovation in the area of environment and sustainability. These themes align with many sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. CUHK Science has developed specific strengths in research related but not limited to the SDGs of “Zero Hunger”, “Climate Action” and “Affordable and Clean Energy”.
Green and Sustainable Technology for Low-Carbon Society
Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time across the globe. Rapid urbanisation and the growth of megacities pose complex challenges for development. Low-carbon society to research carbon neutrality is humankind’s active action and common goal in the face of the climate change crisis. Researchers at CUHK Science are dedicated to probing into its theoretical and technological connotation, scientific and technological innovation in green and sustainable technology research to pursue far-reaching significance and broad prospects.
Integrated Capability Building for Biological Science and Applications
Integrative biological science emphasises transdisciplinary research that incorporates the biological, physical, mathematical and many other components appropriate for addressing complex questions and problems via forefront research and their applications. This new approach becomes essential to resolve and deal with the complex societal issues facing the 21st century. With the promotion of interdisciplinary research across the Faculty, CUHK Science attests to its leading role in both basic biological research and applied research with applications such as smart agriculture for crop production and innovations in diagnosis.
Intelligent Computing for Earth, Energy, Climate, Atmosphere, Materials, and Space
Scientific computing, including modelling, simulation and artificial intelligence, coupled with traditional theoretical and experimental approaches, enables breakthrough scientific discoveries and pushes innovation forward. State-of-the-art intelligent computing at CUHK Science provides the invaluable ability to perform these complex calculations at high speeds for research advancement on earth, energy, climate, atmosphere, materials, and space and bolsters our research leadership in the region to contribute to a better future.
Quantum Science and Technology
Quantum science and technologies have the potential for developing a new paradigm for computers based on quantum information processing, capable of performing complex quantum simulations beyond the capacity of present-day classical computers. Cutting-edge quantum research at CUHK has advanced our current understanding to fundamental quantum science, which may bring about revolutionary advances in many different fields, as diverse as large-scale weather forecasting, predicting climate change or simulating molecular interactions of drugs in treating diseases on the nanoscale.
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