Career Prospects

Graduates of this programme enjoy job opportunities similar to those available for graduates who are admitted through JUPAS of our four-year undergraduate programmes. Many of our graduates started their career in commercial laboratories; parts of the remaining graduates found employment in education sector and government departments. Some graduates with good academic performance pursued postgraduate studies at local Universities. Below are some examples of career paths taken by graduates from CUHK Science Faculty:


 Life Science and Chemistry
  •  Further Studies
  •  Researchers
  •  Sales Representatives at Medicine Factories/ Laboratory equipment Companies
  •  Dietitians upon further studies
  •  Teachers, and
  •  Government employees in departments including Environmental Protection Department etc.


Statistics, Mathematics, Risk Management Science, Physics
  •  Further Studies
  •  Statisticians
  •  Marketing Researchers
  •  Actuarians
  •  Financial Analysts
  •  Programmers
  •  Researchers, and
  •  Teachers etc.