Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Head of Academic Units

Head of Academic Units

School Director

Life Sciences Prof. WONG Kam Bo


Department Chairpersons

Chemistry Prof. YEUNG Ying Yeung
Mathematics Prof. ZOU Jun
Physics Prof. CHU Ming Chung
Statistics Prof. SONG Xinyuan 


Programme Directors

Biochemistry Prof. SHAW Pang Chui
Biology Prof. HUI Jerome Ho Lam
Cell and Molecular Biology Prof. JIANG Liwen
Earth System Science Prof. CHAN Man Nin
Environmental Science Prof. LEE Shing Yip Joe
Food and Nutritional Sciences Prof. LEUNG Lai Kwok
Molecular Biotechnology Prof. LAM Hon Ming
Natural Sciences Prof. KWAN Kin Ming
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science Prof. YAM Sheung Chi Phillip
Risk Management Science Prof. YAU Chun Yip