Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - FAQ


1) How many students will be admitted into the Faculty of Science?

The projected enrolment is as follows:

Earth and Environmental Sciences (EESC) 35
Enrichment Mathematics (MATH-ERM) 35
Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics (PHYS-ERP) 20
Natural Sciences (NSCI) 42
Risk Management Science (RMSC) 25
Aerospace Science and Earth Informatics + X Double Major Programme (ASEI) 20
Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management (BEHM) 15
Interdisciplinary Data Analytics and X Double Major Programme (IDADM) 20
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science (QFRM) 20


2) How will programmes in the Science Faculty admit students?

The Faculty of Science will admit students under 2 schemes.
The SCIENCE programme will admit students through broad-based admission. Meanwhile, other programmes, including ASEI, BEHM, EESC, IDADM, MATH-ERM, PHYS-ERP, QFRM, RMSC, and NSCI, will admit students via programme-based admission.

3) Can I enter BEHM, EESC, MATH-ERM, PHYS-ERP, QFRM, or RMSC through SCIENCE programme?

SCIENCE students will have a possible channel to enter EESC, MATH-ERM or PHYS-ERP after declared the corresponding programme as a major (e.g. choosing PHYS as your major in order to select PHYS-ERP).

For BEHM, QFRM and RMSC, SCIENCE students may apply through “Change of Major” following the University’s guidelines after their first year of studies, and the application results are subject to the approval of targeted major programmes.

4) Can I apply for admission of SCIENCE with results in more than one sitting of the HKDSE exam?

All programmes in the Faculty of Science will consider the best subject results in the same subject taken by applicants among the three most recent HKDSE examination attempts.

5) Can I apply for admission on the strength of other qualifications? 

Students with other qualifications (for example, GCE-AL, IB, HKALE, Associate Degree/Higher Diploma) should apply for admission through the non-JUPAS admission scheme. Applicants who meet the specific requirements as stipulated by the University for particular qualifications (including GCE-AL, IB, HKALE, Associate Degree/Higher Diploma) may apply for “Admission with Advanced Standing”. The number of units for graduation for students admitted with Advanced Standing may be reduced by up to 24 (normative period of study may be reduced by up to one year).

Details of Non-JUPAS Admission

6) Can I apply for admission through JUPAS using my HKDSE results if I am a non-local student?

No. Starting from 2020 entry, all non-local students (regardless of whether they possess HKDSE Examination results) MUST apply for admission via non-JUPAS admission scheme. Details please refer to the JUPAS website (FAQ #2 under Eligibility).

All programmes will conduct interviews for JUPAS applicants. The interview arrangements (before and after the release of HKDSE results) of different programmes are as follows:

  Before After
JS4648 EESC Y ---
JS4682 MATH-ERM Y ---
JS4690 PHYS-ERP Y ---
JS4719 RMSC Y ---
JS4725 BEHM --- Y

For JS4601 SCIENCE, only BAND A applicants may be invited to the interview. Interviews before the release of HKDSE results are scheduled in May tentatively while invitation will be sent by email in Feb/Mar. 


8) Will you weigh all subjects equally?

No, programmes may have different weightings in different subjects. 

Details of Subject Weightings

9) Will you give any bonus points to the additional electives?

Yes, bonus points would be assigned to up to two extra subjects.

Details of Bonus Point Arrangement

10) Will I have a chance to be admitted by the Faculty of Science if I cannot meet the general admission requirements on core subjects in HKDSE?

For students who have broad and good STEM background but cannot fulfil the minimum requirements of core subjects, the Faculty of Science will still consider their applications if they have a strong passion in Science, and may offer admission interviews to them.

Details of STEM Talent Scheme

11) Is it guaranteed that a student can go to the major programme of his/her own choice via SCIENCE?

For students admitted to the SCIENCE programme, entry to the major programme of their choice is guaranteed, provided that students have fulfilled the specific requirements as stipulated by the potential major programme.

Details of Major Declaration 

12) When can I choose my major?

Depending on your preparation, you may declare your major at the time of entry, or the end of Year 1, or Year 2 of your studies.

Details of Major Declaration 

13) What are the purposes of having these major declaration phases? 

Phase 1 is intended for students who may have a very strong interest in a particular subject and those who have been determined about their major programme long before entering the University.

Phase 2 is designed for students who may wish to find their interest and their academic strengths during the study of Year 1. This pathway enables and encourages students to choose a major that they are passionate about and have sufficient strengths.

For students who may have wide interests in various science subjects or those who may need further consideration or extra assistance in learning and advancing, Phase 3 is the path which allows them the greatest flexibility to do so. 

14) Are there any exchange opportunities? 

Definitely! Science students will have plenty opportunities to undertake exchange studies either overseas or in mainland China:

  • The Office of Academic Links provides many exchange programmes;
  • The Faculty has also specially designed some exchange programmes for science students only. Information is available in Experiential Learning;
  • Most programmes also provide various summer exchange or internship opportunities for students. Please consult with the individual programmes;
  • Numerous other exchange opportunities are organized by the respective colleges; and
  • Many other short term exchange opportunities and internship opportunities are provided by various units of the University.