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B.Sc. in Mathematics

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Admission SCIENCE(JS4601)  OR
Enrichment Mathematics (JS4682)



The Department of Mathematics continues its great tradition in nurturing young talents and enhancing their ability to serve society; it also strives to be an international research centre of mathematical sciences and applications. Our Department aims to provide high-quality mathematical trainings for students with various interests and orientations. Our programmes are particularly suitable for those who intend to acquire higher knowledge and ascend to an advanced position in their careers.

JS4682 Enrichment Mathematics

This stream is specially meant for students who wish to delve deeper into mathematical theories or are interested in mathematical research. Also, it is suitable for students intending to proceed to higher studies, and it helps students to consolidate mathematics foundation for further academic research.

JS4601 SCIENCE Broad-based Admission Scheme under the Faculty of Science

This scheme allows students to decide their majors at the time of entrance, or at the end of Year 1 or Year 2. Students may select Mathematics as their major, which is a broad and holistic programme. It includes several stream choices, such as Enrichment Stream, Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM) Stream and Computational Big Data Analytics Stream. The CAM Stream and Computational Big Data Analytics Stream increase the breadth of knowledge and ability of application for students.


  • Wide Variety Curriculum
    The Department offers a wide range of courses on both pure and applied mathematics. Students can choose to take elective courses according to their interest and stream orientation.
  • Highly Flexible Curriculum
    Students have a high degree of freedom in preparing for their favourite minor programmes. The most popular ones are computer-related programmes, business administration, and economics.
  • Experiential Learning Opportunity
    There are plenty of training opportunities for our students. Apart from lectures, our undergraduates can also enrich their learning experience in our China and Overseas Summer Internship and Exchange (COSINE) programme and Undergraduate Research Opportunity Programme (UROP).

Career Prospects

The career opportunities of a mathematics graduate are very diverse. Their skills can be used in different careers like banking, commerce, telecommunications, insurance, logistics planning, computer science, data analysis, finance, and engineering. Some may also pursue further studies in institutions abroad.

Alumnus Sharing

TUNG Kam Chuen

Studying mathematics in CUHK was humbling, yet enriching. Here, I met peers who seem to know infinitely more than I do; postgraduate students who understand mathematical jargon at ease; professors who are friendly and always eager to help. Every day, I learnt something from people in this intelligent community.