Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - B.Sc. in Biology

B.Sc. in Biology

(Offered by School of Life Sciences)

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Admission  SCIENCE (JS4601)



Biology is a broad scientific discipline embracing many different fields of study, including the functioning of living organisms from virus to human. Fundamental to the study of life is unfolding biological organization at its many levels, from molecular architecture to ecosystem services. The Department of Biology, now the Biology Programme, was established in 1963 and was one of the earliest departments in the University. We offer a broad range of courses for students to choose from, including genetics, physiology, plant biology, zoology, marine biology, and ecology.


  • Prepare students for modern careers in biological sciences and related fields
  • Provide students with knowledge on the latest advancements in biology
  • Promote excellence in teaching and research in all levels of biological sciences from molecular biology to ecology


Our major undergraduate programme provides students with immense flexibility in course selection and broad spectrum of curriculum that prepares the graduates for a wide variety of careers. After consolidating and developing basic knowledge in science and biology, our students can specialise in an area(s) of interest to fit their career plan by choosing one or more of the following study packages: Biology for Teaching Career, Organismic and Conservation Biology and Environmental Biology. The biology curriculum not only includes formal lectures and laboratory sessions, but also provides students with ample opportunities for developing communication and presentation proficiency, and research and project management skills through tutorials, fieldtrips, seminars and individually-supervised research projects.

Career Prospects

With our comprehensive curriculum and training that encompassing a variety of fields in biological science, our graduates develop their careers in various fields including teaching, research, and related work in government or private sectors such as conservation and environmental protection, agriculture and fisheries, food science, molecular science and health sciences.

Alumnus Sharing

HUI Kwok Lun 
Assistant Principal, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Biology Programme had provided a holistic curriculum framework to prepare students for research and future career, with teaching lab sessions consolidating the concepts acquired in the lectures. All professors and seniors were very helpful throughout the academic studies, career guidance and co-curricular activities. My precious experiences as student helper, final year project student and MPhil student well-equip myself with analytical mind, laboratory techniques and presentation skills for my teaching career, especially when leading my student team to local and national Science competitions, and cultivating self-directed learning environment to foster Popular Science and Gifted Education in my school.