Faculty of Science, CUHK - Faculty Package

Faculty Package

To better prepare students to select a major of study, a flexible first-year curriculum and a Faculty Package of courses have been designed for students with different preparations. In the first year, students will study at least three courses from the Faculty Package according to their interest, ability and the courses required for their desired major. The package contains five groups of subjects, and they are as follows:

  1. Life Sciences
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Physics
  5. Statistics

The courses offered by the groups are as follows:

Course Code Course Title Units
Group A: Life Sciences
LSCI1000 Biochemistry of Health and Disease 3
LSCI1001 Basic Concepts in Biological Sciences 3
LSCI1002 Introduction to Biological Sciences 3
Group B: Chemistry
CHEM1070 Principles of Modern Chemistry 3
CHEM1072 General Chemistry 3
CHEM1280 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biomolecules 3
Group C: Mathematics
MATH1010 University Mathematics 3
MATH1030 Linear Algebra I 3
MATH1520 University Mathematics for Application 3
MATH1550 Methods of Matrices and Linear Algebra 3
Group D: Physics
PHYS1001 Essential Physics 3
PHYS1002 General Physics 3
PHYS1111 Introduction to Mechanics, Fluids and Waves 3
PHYS1113 Mechanics, Fluids and Waves (University Physics I) 3
Group E: Statistics
STAT1011 Introduction to Statistics 3
STAT1012 Statistics for Life Sciences 3

Explanatory Notes:
1. Group A
LSCI1000 - an introductory course suitable for students (other than those who are majoring in Life Sciences) who want to know the biochemical basis of various cellular functions and their relevance to disease
LSCI1001 - a foundation course suitable for students with a general interest in biology and with no biology training at HKDSE level
LSCI1002 - suitable for students who have taken HKDSE Biology, Integrated Science or Combined Science with a Biology component

2. Group B
CHEM1070 - suitable for students majoring in Science and Engineering
CHEM1072 - suitable for students who have not taken HKDSE Chemistry or students who have taken HKDSE Combined Science with a Chemistry component
CHEM1280 - suitable for students majoring in Life Sciences, Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy and Medicine

3. Group C
MATH1010 and 1030 - suitable for students majoring in Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
MATH1520 - suitable for students majoring in Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Business Studies
MATH1550 - suitable for students of Year 1 or 2 who have only general mathematics training and may need the essential Linear Algebra to proceed in their study of Statistics or Economics; students majoring in other areas including Business, Social Sciences, Medicine, or Life Sciences may find this course helpful

4. Group D
PHYS1001 - suitable for students with no physics training at HKDSE level
PHYS1002- a non-calculus-based course suitable for students with HKDSE Combined Science with a Physics component
PHYS1111 - the first course of a calculus-based introductory physics series
PHYS1113 - suitable for potential majors in Physics, Mathematics and other Physical Sciences, and with a good background of HKDSE Physics, Mathematics and Mathematics Extended Part Module 2

5. Group E
STAT1011 - suitable for students majoring in Science, especially Physics, Chemistry and Risk Management Science, and also useful to those majoring in Engineering, Quantitative Finance, Actuarial Studies and Economics
STAT1012 - suitable for students majoring in Life Sciences, and also useful to those majoring in Pharmacy, Medical Science and Health Science 


Each group consists of several courses that are available to students with different science backgrounds and interests. The first course shall be chosen from the student’s most desired major programme. The second course shall be chosen from a relevant subject, and the third course shall be chosen from the remaining groups. For details of the faculty package courses, please refer to the section "Faculty Packages" of the Undergraduate Student Handbook.


Required Courses for Major (2017 entry)

Students must fulfill the required courses in the Faculty Package to complete a major programme, and details are as follows:

1st Course
2nd Course
3rd Course
B: CHEM1070
C: MATH1520 (preferred),
MATH1010 OR MATH1550
Any from A, D, PHYS1001 (preferred),
PHYS1002 (preferred) OR
PHYS1111 (preferred)
Earth System Science
C: MATH1010 (preferred)
D: PHYS1111 (preferred),  
PHYS1001, PHYS1002
Any from the following
B: CHEM1070 (preferred)
E: STAT1011 (preferred)
Life Sciences #
A: LSCI1002
B: CHEM1280 (preferred)
Any from the following
C: MATH1520 (preferred)
D: PHYS1001 (preferred),
PHYS1002 (preferred)
E: STAT1012 (preferred)
C: MATH1010
E: STAT1011
Any from A, B, PHYS1001,
PHYS1002 OR PHYS1111
Physics D: PHYS1111
C: MATH1010
Any from A, B, E
Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science
C: MATH1010
Risk Management Science
C: MATH1010
E: STAT1011
Any from A, B, D OR
DSME1031^, DSME1040^,
HTMG1010^, HTMG1111^ OR
Any from E
C: MATH1010
Any from A, B, D


^ Courses from Business Administration Faculty Package
# Life Sciences includes Biochemistry, Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, and Molecular Biotechnology