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Outstanding Alumni Service Award

Established in 1963, the Faculty of Science has nurtured generations of graduates who excel in a diverse range of professions. To recognise science alumni who have made great contribution to the Faculty’s career development, the Outstanding Alumni Service Award has been launched since 2020.

Once called, nominations of prospective awardee must be made by the respective academic unit to the Science Faculty Office no later than 31 October each year. All nominations will then be considered by the Committee on Career Development for Science Students and results will be announced in December of that year.

List of Recipients


Mr. LIT Chi Kai (Mathematics alumnus)
Mr. Lit is the Principal of Cheng Chek Chee Secondary School. He actively participates in the alumni activities organized by the Department of Mathematics. He has made great contributions to local mathematics education; he helped in the Hong Kong Association for Mathematics Education (香港數學教育學會), organized materials of the history of mathematics for a project funded by the Quality Education Fund, and published paper and books on the topic to promote mathematics teaching and learning.

Mr. TSE Yiu Cho Joe (Statistics alumnus)
Joe is the President of the Alumni Association of Department of Statistics (STAAA). He leads the STAAA to organize a range of career support services to students and alumni including regular career talks and the StaR Mentorship Programme (中大統計學系學長計劃). He actively participates in managing the social media channels of the Association to disseminate information about the department and career opportunities and to share achievements of outstanding alumni. Apart from strengthening the connection between alumni and the Department of Statistics, he also took part in the Faculty’s Career Fair by serving as the guest speaker in the themed career talk to share his experience of working in the field of data analytics to students.


Mr. HO Chun Yan (Physics alumnus)
Mr. Ho is a committed Physics alumnus who has been serving as a supervisor and mentor in the summer internship programme organized by the Department of Physics, namely the Summer Teacher AppRenticeship programme for over 20 years. With his experience in the education field, he has been generous in offering invaluable insight into being a good teacher to current physics students.


Mr. WONG Chi Wai Tommy (Physics alumnus)
Tommy endeavours to provide his professional mentorship service by sharing with current students and apprentices the paths of becoming secondary school science teachers. He has initiated the Summer Teacher AppRenticeship in Department of Physics starting from 2013 and offers proper pre-training to students who aspire to be secondary teachers each year. He has also teamed up with other science alumni to share their teaching life since 2016, of which the sharing sessions have now become an annual event helping students to evaluate how much they are ready to become teachers.

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