Faculty of Science, CUHK - B.Sc. in Chemistry

B.Sc. in Chemistry

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Admission  SCIENCE (JS4601)


The Department of Chemistry is one of the largest and best-equipped departments in CUHK. We have about 20 professors actively engaged in teaching and research in virtually all branches of frontier chemistry. Students may declare the chemistry major after they have been admitted through the SCIENCE Broad-based Admission Scheme. Currently, there are about 170 undergraduate and 120 graduate students enrolled in the Department.


Under the 4-year curriculum, chemistry major students can choose one of the following streams:

  • Chemistry - Main Stream
  • Chemistry - Enrichment Stream
    (for students who need a more solid background in chemistry to pursue chemistry-related or research-oriented careers)
  • Chemistry - Testing and Accreditation Stream
    (for students who are interested in establishing a career in testing and analysis)

In all streams, students take courses in Faculty Package and general disciplines of chemistry, as well as elective courses in specialised areas of chemistry.

Career Prospects

The career of our graduates is highly diversified in different sectors, including:

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Forensic science in the Government Laboratory
  • Quality assurance in private laboratories

Many of our graduates are now taking prominent positions in different sectors, including

  • Secondary school principals
  • Professors/lecturers in local and overseas tertiary institutions
  • Chemists in the Government Laboratory
  • Senior executive officers in chemistry-related businesses and industries
  • Researchers in scientific research-and-development sectors

Student Sharing

HO Ka Ka

I like the learning model of chemistry programme very much: we start with basic concepts and then apply these concepts to explain the phenomena we observe instead of full recitation. Outside the classroom, I have learned doing research in various research laboratories over the past two years. My store of knowledge was increased, my experimental skills were improved, and I learned how to get along with fellow students and academies. I also went to Lanzhou with classmates for exchange and participated in the Chemistry Olympiad, in which I felt the harmonious relationship between students and professors. Among the rest of many activities, the most impressive one is the seven-day Outward Bound Training. We rowed to an uninhabited island every day by kayak for hiking, abseiling and camping. We kept making breakthroughs and pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone. Next year I will be having an exchange in the United States and Sweden so as to gain research experience and international exposure to prepare myself for entering the sector of innovation and technology.