Faculty of Science, CUHK - B.Sc. in Physics

B.Sc. in Physics

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Admission  SCIENCE (JS4601)  OR
Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics (JS4690)


Building upon a tradition of excellence in teaching and research, the physics curriculum continues to enable students to have a good grasp of fundamentals of physics and a basket of analytic, experimental, numerical, research, communication and other generic skills, and to appreciate and understand the important applications of physics in modern society. The Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics places special emphasis on building research capabilities. It is particularly designed for students seeking postgraduate studies at the master’s or doctoral level upon graduation.


Solid foundation plus a wide range of electives

  • A selected set of core required courses lays a solid foundation and delivers a basket of transferrable skills through various learning activities including lectures, student- centred learning, small-group discussions, problem solving sessions, laboratories, seminars and research projects
  • Elective courses allow students to explore their talent and interest in different branches of physics. Students in the Enrichment Stream in Theoretical Physics choose electives from a pool that focuses on theoretical physics and mathematics

Research Components

  • Required short project(s), final-year project(s) and seminar courses
  • Summer Internship Research Programme and other optional research projects supervised by teaching staff in various fields of science: nano materials and energy materials, astronomy and fundamental physics, quantum science, soft matters and complex systems, biology physics and quantitative biology
  • Teaching staff and students participate in international projects, such as Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment, ATLAS (CERN) and gravitational waves (LIGO)

Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Exchange Programmes: Overseas Programme for Undergraduate Students (OPUS), Summer Undergraduate Research Exchange (SURE) programme and Study Tours
  • Internship Programmes: Summer Teacher Apprenticeship programme with local secondary schools; Internship programmes in the Hong Kong Observatory and the Hong Kong Space Museum

Scholarships and Grants

  • Admission Scholarship and ample of other scholarship opportunities
  • Undergraduate Research Experience Grant (UREG)
  • Physics Prize, CN Yang Scholarship, Professor and Mrs. Yau Wa Chan Scholarship, Professor Dennis Yam Kuen Lo Physics Award, CUHK Physics Alumni Scholarship, and Undergraduate Research Assistantship

Career Prospects

  • Postgraduate studies in physics and related subjects at the doctoral or master’s degree level in local and overseas universities (e.g. CUHK, Caltech, MIT, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford)
  • Government, social and public services (e.g. scientific officers, physicists, curators, ...)
  • Education (e.g. tertiary / secondary / primary school teachers, researchers, technicians, ...)
  • Industry, commerce and publishing industry (e.g. engineers, programmers, editors, ...)

Student Sharing

CHAN Pok Fung

Lacking confidence in my talent, I didn’t choose CUHK Physics at the first place. However, I have a clearer picture of my aspiration after exploring myself. Through the participation in various green activities, I realised that I would like to devote myself in this field and believe that studying physics would equip me with the tools and mind-sets essential for achieving my goal. In the third year, I decided to change my major to physics and was given a chance to study abroad at UCLA. The experiences broadened my horizon and provided my insights into science.