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CUHK Awards


Dean’s Honours List

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Outstanding Students Awards

Year Award and Awardee

Category: Arts

WANG Yuyan (Mathematics)

Category: Innovation and Invention 

LO Ho Sing (Cell & Molecular Biology)
VAISHNAV Shailee Deepak (Biology)
ZHU Gaohua (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences)

Category: Social Service (for the Community)

CHUNG Yik Lok (Cell & Molecular Biology)

Category: Social Service (for the CUHK Community)  

LEE Tsz Ching (Food & Nutritional Sciences)

Category: Sports

CHAN Jor Shing (Biochemistry)
LAU Hiu Man (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
WAI Hogan Kok Fung (Biochemical & Biomedical Sciences)
YUE Ya Xin (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
YUNG Ting Cheung (Science)


Category: Social Service (for the Community)

CHENG Tak Hong (Biochemistry)

Category: Social Service (for the CUHK Community)  

LAI Sok Ian (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
LI Yee Shan (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
NG Heung Yu  (Biology)
TAM Ka Wing  (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
TANG Hoi Yan (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
TONG Hoi Sin (Biochemistry)
YAU Chun Yiu (Biochemistry)

Category: Sports

CHAN Wing Tung (Statistics)
CHENG Chun Wang Prince (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
TANG Bo Yeung (Food & Nutritional Sciences)
YUE Ya Xin (Food & Nutritional Sciences)

Category: Special Achievement 

HO Ngok Chao (Statistics)
KOU Seng Pan (Mathematics)
LIN Hao (Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science)


Postgraduate Research Output Award

Year Awardee
2018/2019 GIEUW Matthew Hannah (Department of Chemistry)
2017/2018 LIU Song (Department of Physics)
2016/2017 ZENG Yonglun (School of Life Sciences)
2015/2016 TANG Cen (Department of Chemistry)
2014/2015 QUAN Yangjian (Department of Chemistry)
2013/2014 SHEN Jinbo (School of Life Sciences)
2012/2013 LAU Ting Fong Janet (Department of Chemistry)
2011/2012 HE Lisi (Department of Chemistry)
2010/2011 QIU Zaozao (Department of Chemistry)
2009/2010 MIAO Yansong (Molecular Biotechnology Programme)
2008/2009 LI Wing-yen (Department of Biology)
2007/2008 LIU Hongyu (Department of Mathematics)
2006/2007 LAM Sheung-kwan (Molecular Biotechnology Programme)
2005/2006 DENG Liang (Department of Chemistry)
2004/2005 TSE Yu-chung (Molecular Biotechnology Programme)
2003/2004 WANG Yajun (Department of Biology)

Young Scholars Thesis Awards / Young Scholars Dissertation Award

Year Awardee of Young Scholars Thesis Awards
2018 CHONG Kai Leong (Department of Physics)
2017 ZHANG Limin (Department of Chemistry)
2016 PUN Chi Seng (Department of Statistics) 
2015 LOO Fong Chuen (School of Life Sciences) 
2014 HUANG Shidi (Department of Physics)
2013 ZHUANG Xiaohong (School of Life Sciences)
2012 LAI Chun Kit (Department of Mathematics) 
Year Awardee of Young Scholars Dissertation Award
2009 MIAO Yansong (Molecular Biotechnology Programme)  
2006 TAM Tse Wai (Department of Biology) 
2005 YEUNG Ying Yeung (Department of Chemistry) 
2004 CHEN Tian Wen (Department of Physics) 
2003 LEUNG King Shun (Department of Mathematics)
2002 JIANG Renwang (Department of Chemistry) 
2001 WANG Quanming (Department of Chemistry)