Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Dean's Remarks

Dean's Remarks

Welcome to the Faculty of Science Research Day 2019. Every year, the Faculty organizes a Research Day where staff members are gathered together to share ideas and experiences in promoting research at the Faculty. The highlight of this year’s Research Day is strategic collaborative research.

Collaborative research has long been treated as one of the most effective ways to address complex issues. When researchers with expert knowledge in different areas collaborate on a project of common interests, the respective areas of expertise could achieve the common goal of producing new scientific knowledge to solve problems. Whether it is across labs in the units, across areas in a department, or across disciplines, there is much to be gained by bridging the divide between isolated research silos. To create greater societal impact, collaborations with academic units should not be our end. To facilitate feedback for basic research projects from the perspective and knowledge of the industrial sector, we would also need to promote collaboration and partnerships with industrial sectors.

Over the past five years, the Faculty has successfully secured nine RGC CRF and two AoE projects. Project coordinators come from different units of the Faculty. Riding on the success of our collaborative efforts, we would like to present you today some of the latest collaborative research across different disciplines. I hope this could stimulate new research clusters in the Faculty and to bolster our competitiveness in the global research arena.

This year, we are honored to have a total of eight invited speakers. Our guest speaker, Dr. Thomas Holcombe from the BASF Advanced Chemicals Co. Ltd., will share with us their collaborations with Asian universities and how these kinds of collaborations and partnerships can lead to business impact and talent development. Six colleagues, Prof. Wu Yilin, Prof. Xia Jiang, Prof. Edwin Chan, Prof. Fan Xiaodan, Prof. Amos Tai and Prof. Francis Tam, will share with us their latest collaborative research projects across different disciplines. Before the end of our Research Day, Prof. Jimmy Yu, a highly cited researcher selected by the Clarivate Analytics, will share with us his invaluable experience on how to become highly cited researchers.

It is indeed our pleasure to have a Panel of eight distinguished speakers today. I am sure the event is an invaluable and unique occasion for exchange of ideas among our colleagues and distinguished guests. I wish you every success in your new collaborative research grant applications.