Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Dean's Remarks

Dean's Remarks

Welcome to the Faculty of Science Research Day 2018. Every year, the Faculty organizes a Research Day where staff members would have a chance to share matters concerning the promotion of research at the Faculty. The highlight of this year’s Research Day is on knowledge transfer, in particular, from fundamental research to products available to the market.

All Faculties in the University have been putting a lot of efforts in the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2020, which is a crucial exercise to inform the block grant funding from the UGC. A new feature of impact cases will be introduced and it will contribute 15% to the whole RAE assessment in RAE 2020. Together with the emphasis on promoting innovation and technology by the government, knowledge transfer becomes an important element for moving minds to markets, and creating impact on society from fundamental research to product development.

Conversion of research results and achievements into commercially available products requires tremendous efforts and time, and it is never an easy task. We are fortunate to be able to invite five speakers to share with us their invaluable experience in transforming innovative research into products, jobs, and businesses to deliver social mission. Professor Wang Jun, who co-founded a tech unicorn company GeneHarbor (Hong Kong) Biotechnologies Ltd 14 years ago, will share with us his lessons and thoughts on the transition from an academic to a business person. Professor Lam Hon-Ming will share his experiences on the translation of basic research to agricultural applications on the field. Professor Xiao Xudong will share his experiences working from the laboratory research to the commercialization of a high efficient photovoltaic absorber layer in thin film solar cells. Professor Chan Hon Fu Raymond will share with us how a memory reduction method can improve the accuracy in pricing American Options. In the last part, Professor Yu Chai Mei Jimmy will share with us how enormous impact on the use of TiO2 has filled the gap between fundamental research and product development.

It is indeed our pleasure to have a Panel of five distinguished speakers today. I am sure the event today is an invaluable and unique occasion for exchange of ideas for both our junior and senior staff members. I wish you every success in your research grant applications and submission in RAE.