Faculty of Science, CUHK - Dean's Remarks

Dean's Remarks


Welcome to the Faculty of Science Research Day 2017. Every year, the Faculty organizes a Research Day on which staff members would have a chance to share on matters concerning the promotion of research at the Faculty. The highlight of this year’s Research Day is on how to enhance success rate in research grant application.

We are all aware of the significant change in UGC research funding mechanism from 2012-2013. Before 2012-13, most of the research funding was allocated based on the performance in Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Starting from 2012-13, part of the research portion (R-portion) of the Block Grant would be distributed on a more competitive basis according to universities' success in the Research Grants Council (RGC)'s Earmarked Research Grant (ERG) projects in the past 12 months. By 2020-21, around half of the R-portion would be distributed making use of this mechanism. The competition in R-Portion is rigorous and its allocation will significantly affect the financial positions of our Departments and School. In order to elevate research at the Faculty of Science to the highest level internationally, and to secure more research funding, the Faculty of Science Research Day 2017 is a good opportunity for us to review our research strategies as well as to plan ahead to secure more research grants.

We are fortunate to be able to invite two former RGC Panel members and three experienced Faculty members to share with us their invaluable experiences in evaluation and selection of successful RGC proposals. These colleagues will also show us how to prepare good research proposals for different RGC research funding schemes including AoE, CRF and GRF. In the first part, we have Professor Chen Zhenyu, a former RGC Panel member in Biology and Medicine Panel, and Professor Chan Ngai Hang, a former RGC Panel member in the Physical Sciences Panel to share with us on how each proposal was handled by their respective Panel, the definition of “good” proposals, some dos and don’ts, and how PI can maximize their chance to secure research grants from the RGC. In the second part, we have three grants-winning staff members, Professor Jiang Liwen, Professor Miao Qian and Professor Leung Nai Chung, Conan who will share with us their personal experience and some useful tips in preparing successful research grant proposals in AoE, CRF and GRF respectively.

It is indeed our pleasure to have a Panel of five distinguished speakers today. I am sure the event today is an invaluable and unique occasion for exchange of ideas for both our junior and senior staff members. I wish you every success in your research grant applications.