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Research Highlights


Major Progress Made in Plant Vacuole Biogenesis Research by CUHK Researchers 
Providing New Insights into Improving Crop and Producing Pharmaceutical Proteins by Plant Bioreactors

Prof. JIANG Liwen (School of Life Sciences)

7 Jan 2019


CUHK Develops Low-cost and High-precision Nano Chips Which Magnify the Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Signals for Effective Detection of Harmful Substances

Prof. WANG Jianfang (Department of Physics)

29 Oct 2018


CUHK fruitENCODE Project Finds the Hidden Treasures in “Junk DNA” in Eleventh Fleshy Fruit Genomes
Paving the Way to Healthier Fruits 

Prof. ZHONG Silin (School of Life Sciences)

11 Oct 2018


Major Progress Made in Plant Multivesicular Body Biogenesis and Membrane Protein Vacuolar Transport by CUHK Researchers
Providing New Insight into Improving Crop Quality

Prof. JIANG Liwen (School of Life Sciences)

23 Sep 2018


CUHK Finds Link Between ‘Fuz’ Protein Level and Neurological Disorders
New Treatment Paths for Neural Diseases 

Prof. CHAN Ho Yin Edwin (School of Life Sciences)

8 Aug 2018


Research on tiny marine bacteria - Prochlorococcus

Prof. LUO Haiwei (School of Life Sciences)

Jun 2018


CUHK Reveals a Novel Mechanism to Stimulate Neurite Outgrowth
Paving a New Road for Brain Regenerative Medicine

Prof. LAU Kwok Fai (School of Life Sciences)

24 May 2018


Prof. YANG Hongfeng Takes the Pulse of Earthquakes in Indian Ocean

Prof. YANG Hongfeng (Earth System Science Programme)

19 Apr 2018


CUHK Uncovers How Helicobacter Pylori uses a Toxic Substance to Keep Alive in Human Stomach

Prof. WONG Kam Bo (School of Life Sciences)

5 Dec 2017


CUHK Scientists Use Tiny Marine Bacteria to Trace Earth’s History

Prof. LUO Haiwei (School of Life Sciences)

19 Jul 2017


CUHK Physicist and Statistician Work Together to Reveal Link Between Magnetic Fields and Birth Rate of Stars

Prof. LI Hua Bai (Department of Physics)
Prof. FAN Xiaodan (Department of Statistics)

20 Jun 2017


LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves for Third Time
Unveils Hints on Formation of Black Holes

Prof. LI Guang Feng Tjonnie (Department of Physics)

1 Jun 2017


CUHK Unveils Novel Mechanism of Neuron Development

Prof. KWAN Kin Ming (School of Life Sciences)

28 May 2017


Setting New Therapeutic Direction for Cerebellar Ataxia

Prof. CHAN Ho Yin Edwin (School of Life Sciences)

19 Mar 2017


CUHK-led Research Projects on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Recognized by UGC as Area of Excellence
Succession and Development of 20-year Legend of Research Excellence

Prof. LAM Hon Ming (School of Life Sciences)

14 Mar 2017


Major Progress Made in Plant Autophagy Research by CUHK Researchers Published in PNAS

Prof. JIANG Liwen (School of Life Sciences)

5 Feb 2017


CUHK Biophysicists Discover Hidden Order in Bacterial Collective Motion
Provides new direction of study on biomedicine and active matters

Prof. WU Yilin (Department of Physics)

24 Jan 2017


CUHK Researcher Uncovers Mechanism Explaining Why Fathers’ Mitochondrial DNA is Not Inherited to Offspring

Prof. KANG Byung Ho (School of Life Sciences)

26 Jul 2016


A Second Gravitational Wave Event Identified
Opens Up New Horizons in Astronomy

Prof. LI Guang Feng Tjonnie (Department of Physics)

15 Jun 2016


CUHK Into Gravitational Wave Detection: Becomes First Hong Kong Member of LIGO

Prof. LI Guang Feng Tjonnie (Department of Physics)

29 May 2016


CUHK Researchers Discovered Hidden Genetic Mechanism in Horseshoe Crabs

Prof. HUI Ho Lam Jerome (School of Life Sciences)

21 Jan 2016


CUHK Researcher Reveals Warming in China
Contributes to More Deaths from Respiratory Diseases

Prof. TAI Pui Kuen Amos (Earth System Science Programme)

12 Oct 2015


CUHK Physicist Unveils Mystery of Massive Star Formation

Prof. LI Hua Bai (Department of Physics)

1 Apr 2015


CUHK Researchers Discovered New DNA for Revealing Animal Relationships

Prof. HUI Ho Lam Jerome (School of Life Sciences)

5 Mar 2015


CUHK Researcher Predicts Threat to Global Food Security from Climate Change and Air Pollution in Newly Published Study

Prof. TAI Pui Kuen Amos (Earth System Science Programme)

4 Aug 2014


Hong Kong Scientists and Students Joined ATLAS Team of European Organization for Nuclear Research to Search for Fundamental Laws Governing the Universe

Prof. CHU Ming Chung (Department of Physics)

7 Jul 2014


CUHK Researcher Documents Sustained Mass Loss of Northeast Greenland Ice Sheet Triggered by Regional Warming in New Study Published in Nature Climate Change

Prof. LIU Lin (Earth System Science Programme)

25 Mar 2014


Most complete and extensive molecular dataset provides important insights into the timing and diversity of Crab Evolution (English version only)

Prof. CHU Ka Hou (School of Life Sciences)



CUHK Professor Develops World-leading Cell Research Centre
Contributing to Biotechnological Advancement in Hong Kong and Mainland

Prof. JIANG Liwen (School of Life Sciences)

7 Aug 2013



CUHK Illuminates Pathogenic Pathways of Spinocerebellar Ataxias
Enabling New Therapeutic Directions

Prof. CHAN Ho Yin Edwin (School of Life Sciences)

9 Aug 2012


CUHK Uncovers Molecular Machine that Keeps Helicobacter pylori Alive in Human Stomach
Opens up Novel Strategy to Eradicate the Culprit of Stomach Ulcers and Cancer

Prof. WONG Kam Bo (School of Life Sciences)

11 Dec 2011



CUHK Breakthrough in Quantum Science and Technology Research Makes Cover Story in Leading Journal

Prof. LIU Ren Bao (Department of Physics)

12 Apr 2011


CUHK School of Life Sciences Research
Paves Way for Development of Better Biotech Enzymes

Prof. WONG Kam Bo (School of Life Sciences)

16 Mar 2011


 Breakthroughs by CUHK Boosts Soybean Research Make Cover in Nature Genetics

Prof. LAM Hon Ming (School of Life Sciences)

15 Nov 2010


Design, Fabrication, and Modification of Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials for Environmental and Energy Applications (English version only)

Prof. YU Chai Mei (Department of Chemistry)

12 Aug 2009