Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - STEM Talent Scheme

STEM Talent Scheme


In view of the growing need for STEM (or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) talents in the global community, the Faculty of Science being an active supporter of STEM education provides different opportunities and initiatives to our youngsters to pursue and broaden their interest in STEM subjects, and to foster learning by laying a strong foundation in science and technology for them.

STEM Training for Secondary School Students

The Faculty of Science is committed to offer additional training for secondary school students through various popular science lectures, like Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series and How Nobel Prizes Are Won, aiming to boost interest in STEM areas in their early school years. The Faculty also runs a series of summer courses under Science Academy for Young Talent (SAYT) to enable students with STEM potential to receive university training and strengthen their mathematics and engineering skills. University credits will be awarded upon completion of some courses.

Types of courses offered under SAYT:

  • Science Academy for Young Talent courses
  • Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (EPYMT) courses
  • STEM Courses
    (jointly offered with the Faculty of Engineering)


Admission of STEM Talents

Starting from 2019 entry, the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering will select and admit students with broad and in-depth exposure and achievement in STEM under STEM Talent Scheme. 

1) Basic Requirements

Achieved in HKDSE at least 3 Stars (e.g. Level 5*5*5* or 5**5*3 or 5**5**5**) in 3 STEM elective subjects

2) STEM Elective Subjects

Biology / Chemistry / Physics / M1 or M2 / Combined Science or Integrated Science / Information and Communication Technology / Design and Applied Technology

3) Science Admission Arrangements

Applicants who have fulfilled the basic requirements and placed programme(s) of the Faculty of Science as one of their top JUPAS choices would be reviewed under a dedicated selection panel for special consideration.

Such special consideration would be extended to JUPAS applicants who fail to fulfil the University minimum entrance requirements in the 4 core subjects. Selection interview may be granted and admission results would be announced via JUPAS.

4) Admission Scholarships

Students admitted to SCIENCE programme under this scheme will receive admission scholarships.

This scheme may cover also other STEM achievements and qualifications such as well-established/international awards and other non-JUPAS qualifications on a case-by-case basis. 

Fostering Future STEM Talents

The Faculty of Science has been aiming at training outstanding STEM talents for many years. Our curriculum is keeping updated to meet the new wave of technology, such as Science, Technology And Research Stream (STARS), Computational and Data Physics Stream (Physics), Computational Big Data Analytics Stream (Mathematics), Data Science and Business Statistics Stream (Statistics), and Testing and Accreditation Stream (Chemistry). These disciplines carry important STEM elements that combine the science and engineering contents to enable students to integrate both theory and technology.