Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series

Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series


In memory of the late Professor Lau Oi Wah, a Professor in the Department of Chemistry and our former Dean of Science, for her life-long devotion of promoting science education in the University and secondary schools, the Faculty has been hosting an annual Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series since 2005 to extend Professor Lau’s vision of science education.


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Date: 14 April 2023 (Friday)
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm 
Venue: LT5, Yasumoto International Academic Park, CUHK
(Seats are limited; first come, first served)

3943 1387 / cpse@cuhk.edu.hk

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Registration Deadline: 7 April 2023 (Friday)

Lecture Series Topics:

First Talk

The Secret of Splashing

Prof. XU Lei (Department of Physics)

Liquid drops always splash when they impact smooth surfaces with high enough speeds. This common phenomenon is crucial in many important fields such as agriculture, printing, surface coating, and spray cooling. However, despite extensive studies over one century, the origin of splashing remains a big mystery. Combining experiment with model, we show that the air trapped under the liquid drop forms a special flow within a nanoscale gap. This airflow in the Knudsen regime produces a stress 10 times stronger than the common airflow and generates small Kelvin–Helmholtz instabilities that trigger splash.

Second Talk

Nanoscience Around You

Prof. CHEN Ye (Department of Chemistry)

Nanoscience is an emerging science that focuses on studying fundamental properties of matter at the nanoscale. Nanoscience is considered to be the cutting-edge science that promotes the revolution of future science and technology. Although it has only been developed for a few decades, nanomaterials and nanotechnology have gradually entered our daily lives. This lecture will start from the nanoscience near us. Through examples in energy, electronics and biomedicine, the rise and future of nanoscience will be introduced. Let us together appreciate the charm of nanoscience.