Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - Information for New Students

Information for New Students

(For 2022 Entry)

(Not Applicable to Students Admitted to Natural Sciences Programme)

The Faculty of Science established in 1963 and now has six major teaching units offering a wide range of undergraduate programmes.



The CUHK curriculum is built on a credit-unit system, with flexibility and choices both in the selection of courses and in the sequence and pace of electives. The normative period of study is four years, and students have to complete 123 units and satisfy requirements under separate categories. 
curriculum 4yr

Note: For students admitted with advanced standing, at least 18 units of University Core are exempted. Students may apply for further exemptions on Faculty Package course(s) and the maximum Advanced Standing Exemptions to be granted is 24 units. The 
normative period of study may be reduced by up to one year. Further details are available on the General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies [Annex III & IV].

  • Undergraduate Student Handbook 
    (including Requirements of University Core and Faculty Package, Study Schemes of Major/Minor & Recommended Course Pattern, and University Regulations and Rules)


Major Declaration for SCIENCE (BSCIN) Students 

Students admitted via SCIENCE Broad-based Admission Scheme (JS4601) can declare their major at the time of entry or at the end of Year 1 or 2, and admission is guaranteed. Details please click HERE


Course Selection and Add/Drop

  • Plan your study schedule for Term 1 and 2 of the coming academic year (FAQ for Course Selection)
  • Check time appointment for course selection in “Term Information” under CUSIS and use ‘Plan’ and ‘Validate’, and put the intended courses in the ‘Shopping Cart’ (starting from 23 Aug)
  • Enroll courses under CUSIS (Computer-based Training Video) during the assigned date and time
  • Finalize your course selection by 2nd week of each term
  • Remove your name from the wait list as soon as possible if you do not intend to take the course
  • Always check “View My Classes” under CUSIS to get the most updated course enrolment records since course offering units may make changes to their class schedules or cancel a course
  • No Add/Drop would be allowed after the Special Add/Drop period (i.e. after 26 Sep 2022 for Term 1 and after 3 Feb 2023 for Term 2) 

Add Drop Note: Please refer to RES website for update arrangements.

  • Contacts of Course Offering Units and related administrative units
Units Telephone, Email, Website & Office Location
Faculty Office of Science

Room G30, Science Centre

Department of Chemistry

chemistry@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
Room G59, Science Centre

Earth and Environmental Sciences

eesc@cuhk.edu.hk [Website]
Room 303, Mong Man Wai Building

School of Life Sciences 

fionyung@cuhk.edu.hk / lifesciences@cuhk.edu.hk [Website] 
Room 186, Science Centre

Department of Mathematics

dept@math.cuhk.edu.hk  [Website] 
Room 220, Lady Shaw Building

Department of Physics

sykoo@phy.cuhk.edu.hk / physics@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website] 
Room 108, Science Centre

Department of Statistics

3943-7931 / 3943-9422
statdept@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website] 
Room 119, Lady Shaw Building

Department of Chinese Language and Literature 

uchinese@cuhk.edu.hk [Website]
Room 523, Fung King Hey Building

English Language Teaching Unit

sa.eltu@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
Room 436, Li Dak Sum Building

Office of the IT Foundation Course

syvilaleung@cuhk.edu.hk [Website]
Room 1207, Yasumoto International Academic Park

Office of University 
General Education 

gef-info@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
7/F, Hui Yeung Shing Building

UGEA/B/C/D (the Four Areas)
uge-info@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
8/F, Hui Yeung Shing Building

Physical Education Unit

peunit@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
G/F, University Sports Centre

Registration & Examinations Section (RES) 3943-9888
ugadmin@cuhk.edu.hk  [Website]
10/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park
Other Course Offering Units Contact Information


Timeline of Major Events

10 Aug Academic Counselling Session for New Full-time Undergraduate Students 
(For Mainland JEE students)
23 Aug Academic Counselling Session for New Full-time Undergraduate Students 
(For non-local students and local students admitted with advanced standing)
23 Aug Academic Counselling Session for New Full-time Undergraduate Students  [link] 
(For local students)
30 Aug Course Registration - Term 1 (under CUSIS from 10:00 – 22:00)  [link]
(Students admitted with advanced standing start at 10:00; others start at 11:00)
5 Sep Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates
13-19 Sep e-Add/Drop Period under CUSIS  [link]
20-23 & 26 Sep Special Add/Drop Period at Course Offering Units  [link]
(No Add/Drop would be allowed after 26 Sep)
26 Sep (Tentative) Deadline for Survey of Potential Major for BSCIN Students (from 5-26 Sep)
(Academic advisor will be assigned based on your potential major)
Early/Mid Oct 
Declaration of Major (Phase 1) for BSCIN Students (under CUSIS)
Early Nov Assignment of Academic Advisor (Level 1)
21-22 Nov Course Registration – Term 2 (under CUSIS from 20:30 on 21 Nov – 20:30 on 22 Nov)  [link]
(For Year 1 students admitted with advanced standing)
24-25 Nov Course Registration – Term 2 (under CUSIS from 20:30 on 24 Nov – 20:30 on 25 Nov)  [link]
(For Year 1 students EXCEPT those admitted with advanced standing)
Jun 2022 Declaration of Major (Phase 2) for BSCIN Students (After the release of Term 2 results)