Faculty of Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) - STEM Internship Programme

STEM Internship Programme

[The STEM Internship Programme offered by the Faculty of Science aims to provide science students a chance to gain practical teaching experience in schools.

If you are looking for the STEM Internship Scheme launched by the HKSAR’s Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), please visit the website of Career Planning and Development Centre for more information.]


The CUHK School Heads Alumni Association (香港中文大學校友校長會) and the Faculty of Science, CUHK  have initiated the STEM Internship Programme since 2021.

Programme Objectives:
  • Promoting the theme of “Learning through Serving” and raising the sense of social responsibility;
  • Enriching overall student learning experience and widening students' horizon;
  • Providing opportunity for CUHK Science Students to gain relevant and practical experience through experiential training in schools;
  • Achieving the spirit of caring for the alma mater, CUHK;
  • Developing collaboration with “CUHK School Heads Alumni Association” and exploring future innovative projects

With the active participation of both schools and students, the impacts and benefits that the Programme can bring include:

To Participating Schools
  • Connecting with young generation and being inspired by new STEM learning trend and teaching technologies;
  • Obtaining extra manpower to perform regular or ad hoc STEM teaching duties;
  • Supporting young generation to pursue their goal and whole-person development through diverse on-the-job training for the good of the community
To CUHK Science Students
  • Gaining practical experience towards future career development in teaching profession;
  • Acquiring pedagogical skills through implementation/ engaging in teaching methodology;
  • Leveraging presentation skills and STEM talent;
  • Developing network