Application Procedures

Apply for SAYT, EPYMT or STEM courses 


  1. Application Period

    For Science Academy for Young Talent courses,
    Application period:

    For Enrichment Programme for Young Mathematics Talents (EPYMT) courses,
    Application period:
    You may visit for more information.

    For STEM courses,
    Application period:  

    For The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) courses,
    You may visit HKAGE website

  2. Online Application Process

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    By online payment / cheque / ATM
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    By online payment / cheque / ATM (for successful applicants only)

    *You need to sign up for an account when you use the registration system for the first time.

  3. SAYT Membership

    By joining the SAYT membership, you not only be able to receive the latest news of the SAYT summer course, but also the information of promotional activities hold by the Centre for Promoting Science Education, Faculty of Science.

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  4. Application Fee and Course Fee

    To complete the application, the student has to pay the application fee (i.e. HKD20 for each course). Application fee is neither refundable nor transferable once the application is submitted.

    Successful applicants will be confirmed of the enrolment via email from the Academy. Notice of course fee required will be sent together. The amount of course fee varies with different courses, which is stated in the respective course details. Course fee payment is due within 7 working days of notification. The course fee is neither refundable nor transferable once it is paid.


  5. Course Fee Remission

    Any students currently receiving financial assistance under Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme from the Social Welfare Department of HKSAR are eligible to apply for course fee remission.

    Students who wish to apply for course fee remission should provide a copy of CSSA statement on which the applicant’s name should be shown clearly in their application. The Academy reserves the right to reject the application of course fee remission.


  6. Payment Method

    Application fee and course fee can be paid either by credit card, ATM or cheque:

    1. Credit card
      Payment can be made through online payment gateway by using VISA, Master Card, UnionPay issued in Mainland China, and specified UnionPay credit cards issued in Hong Kong and Macau. No additional service charge is requested. The system will provide a link for you to make payment online. Please follow the steps as guided.

    2. ATM

      For all courses of Science Academy for Young Talents in all subjects,
      Transfer the fee to our Hang Seng Bank account: 293-005005-001.

               The ATM bank-in slip must show the following items clearly.
      1. Date and time
      2. Recipient account number
      3. Transfer amount
      4. Accepted (must show ***)

      Please write down your name, course code, course name and telephone number at the back of the slip and send it to us by post within 3 days, otherwise the Academy reserves the right to reject the course application.

    3. Cheque
      Payment by cheque should be made payable to “The Chinese University of Hong Kong”. Post-dated cheque is not accepted. Please write the applicant’s name, course code, course title and mobile number at the back of cheque(s). Otherwise the Academy reserves the right to reject the course application.

      All ATM bank-in slip or cheques must be sent to the following address:

       Science Academy for Young Talent
      Faculty of Science
      The Chinese University of Hong Kong
      Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

  7. Other Important Notes

    1. Applicants who enrol for more than one course should submit application separately.
    2. Vacancies are for qualified applicants ONLY. Qualified applicants will be screened based on their academic performance and/or screening test (or other selection procedure), depending on the requirements of each course.
    3. Students should inform us by email or mail once they have decided to withdraw from the course. The course fee is not refundable or transferable once the application is accepted.
    4. Certificate will be awarded to students who meet the requirements of the course. Please note that different courses may have different requirements on assessment or attendance. The Academy reserves the right to make the final decision.
    5. The organizer, Science Academy for Young Talent, reserves the right not to offer the course(s), with full refund of the corresponding fee paid if any course is cancelled.
    6. Please check your email inbox (and also your spam or junk box) frequently as notices and reminders will be sent through email. Latest news will also be posted on the Academy homepage and facebook page.

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