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STEM Seminar – “STEM – Ignition with Ideas”

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education was being promoted by the government in these years. To provide more information and inspiration to secondary school teachers to frame their teaching content and direction, a seminar was hold and 4 experts were invited to share their background and experience about how science contribute to their work:

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Background information of Speakers:

  • Mr. Herbert CHIA
    Author of the best selling book “決戰大數據”
    Former Vice-President of Alibaba

  • Dr. John LUK
    Founder of Arbele

    Honorary Professor at Case Western Reserve University (Pediatrics), University of Hong Kong (Surgery) and National University of Singapore (Pharmacology and Surgery)

  • Dr. Alfred MA
    Managing Director, CASH Algo Fainance Group
    Expert in Computational Finance, Asset Management and Risk Finance

  • Prof. WONG Kam Fai 
    Associate Dean (External Affairs) of the Faculty of Engineering
    Director of the Centre for Innovation and Technology


To promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)  education to secondary school students, a pilot course which is jointly organized by the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science, was launched in summer 2017. The course last for a week and it aimed at providing enhanced training to secondary school students so as to build up a broader foundation for university studies in STEM-related disciplines.

The course, which comprises lectures and tutorials in Mathematics and Physics together with an engineering project, targets to bring forth the essence of STEM through the integration of engineering with mathematical and scientific theories.  Learning is achieved not simply through assembling a measuring instrument, but instead, students are required to perform data analysis and optimisation. 

More than 100 secondary school students benefited from the course and positive feedback was received. The Centre will review the course and consider if it will be offered under the Science Academy for Young Talent.

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