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CUSA1021 Analysis in Modern Chemistry 現代化學分析
Course Outline:
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(Last update on: 16 March 2023)


Key facts for Summer 2023:
Date: 24, 26, 28 July, 1* August 2023 (15 hours)
Time: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm &/or 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Venue:   CUHK campus
Enrollment:   30
Expected Applicants:   Students who are studying S5-S6 (in the academic year 2022-2023)
Tuition Fee: HKD 3,000.00

Dr. CHAN Ka Long Donald (Department of Chemistry, CUHK)
Dr. CHEUNG Yu San (Department of Chemistry, CUHK)
Dr. Kendrew K.W. MAK (Department of Chemistry, CUHK)

* This date is reserved for make-up classes in case there is any cancellation of classes due to unexpected circumstances.



This course aims at introducing the basic concepts and techniques in carrying out chemical analysis by using various modern spectroscopic and chromatographic instruments. Students will learn how to use modern instruments to determine the amounts of substances present in a mixture down to part per million levels (ppm), and identify the structure of a compound. Techniques such as infrared spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, UV-Vis spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography will be covered. This course will also discuss some common standard practices of collecting and preparing samples for laboratory testing, the accreditation system in testing laboratories. This course includes lectures and hand-on experimental sessions.



Organising units:
  • Department of Chemistry, CUHK
  • Centre for Promoting Science Education, CUHK
Category: Category II – Academy Credit-Bearing
Learning outcomes: Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
  1. Recognize the applications of chemistry in quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis;
  2. Understand the principles of various spectroscopic techniques for identification of molecular structures;
  3. Understand the principles of the spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques for composition analysis;
  4. Acquire hands-on experience in quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis with modern spectrometers.
Learning Activities:
  1. Lectures
  2. Exercise and Assignment
  3. Lab
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese supplemented with English
  1. Essays / Assignments
  2. Lab Report / Worksheet
Recognition: No. of Academy unit(s):  1 - 1.25
* Certificate or letter of completion will be awarded to students who attain at least 75% attendance and pass the assessment (if applicable)
Expected applicants: Students who are promoting to or studying S5-S6.
Organising period: Summer 2011; Summer 2012; Summer 2013; Summer 2014; Summer 2015; Summer 2016; Summer 2018; Summer 2019; Summer 2020; Summer 2021; Spring 2022; Summer 2023
Application method: SAYT Online application