Faculty of Science, CUHK - 科研星耀專修範圍 (STARS)

科研星耀專修範圍 (STARS)


Undergraduate research has been an integral part of our curriculum, and the Faculty of Science offers extensive research opportunities to our undergraduates who are interested in research and wish to challenge themselves. STARS is for students admitted under the 4-year curriculum in 2017-18 and thereafter, and it is an “add-on” stream intended for students with strong ability and interest to gain wider exposure and research experience during their undergraduate studies.

STARS students can:

  • participate in research starting from junior year under the supervision of our professors
  • have opportunities to join international conferences and seminars
  • have at least 4 consecutive weeks of outgoing exposure
  • have financial support for research-related outgoing exposure
  • receive admission scholarship (applicable in Phase 1 only)


  • To nurture top students to have a broader exposure in Science
  • To provide a clear path and guidance for students interested in doing research
  • To offer research opportunities and training in research abilities in an early stage
  • To discover and develop talents among undergraduates 

Entrance Requirements

Students being admitted in 2017-18 and thereafter to the Faculty of Science (via SCIENCE broad-based (BSCIN) admission or programme-based admission) majoring in Biochemistry, Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Earth System Science, Environmental Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences, Mathematics, Molecular Biotechnology, Physics, or Statistics meeting the following criteria are eligible to enroll in STARS. Interview is not required.

Phase 1
(At the beginning of Year 1)

  1. JUPAS admittees who have obtained University Best 5 Score of 31 or above in HKDSE; OR
  2. JUPAS admittees who have obtained University Best 5 Score of 29 or above in HKDSE with Level 5** in at least one of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1or 2), Physics; OR
  3. Non-JUPAS admittees who have obtained excellent performance in public examinations and/or international competitions (considered on a case-by-case basis)

Phase 2

(After the release of Year 1 Term 2 results)

  1. Obtained a Year GPA of 3.7 or above in Year 1; AND
  2. Obtained a GPA of 3.7 in 4 Faculty Package courses from 4 different groups



All STAR-coded courses taken will NOT be included in the calculation of the Major GPA for honours classification. Upon fulfillment of all the stream requirements as stipulated above, STARS will be officially recorded on the academic transcript.

If the students decided to opt out from STARS, they should approach their major programme concerned.


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Tel: (852) 3943 6264